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Edwardian Ball Recap Begins

So, I was entirely too busy at the Edwardian Ball to take proper photos, not to mention that my photographic skills are questionable at best. Thankfully, Neil Girling from The Blight (above, with Coilhouse‘s Nadya Lev) was everywhere, camera in hand. Check out his blog for lots and lots of photos from the event. A few to whet your whistle:

Zivity‘s LeEvil, with Dougy Gyro

Portraitiste Suzanne Rachel Forbes, just before being eaten by bears.

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  1. this is in my backyard and is a bunch of me’s walking around in a bunch of what-i’d-wear’s and i’ve still not been. one day. till then, thanks for bringing it a little closer.

  2. Look at that adorable Nadya [Ampersand.Hearts.Semicolon]

    So many details in a single outfit—Home Girl is LETTING US *HAVE* IT!

    (Translation from Postmodernist Polari not necessary, or…?)

    x o x