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Every time I go for a haircut, I spend a couple of hours online realizing how stupidly difficult it is to find pictures of good hair.  Hair blogs are few and far between, and most of them focus on celebrity up-dos or styles and colors I wouldn’t want to be at the same all-you-can-eat Vegas buffet with, much less put on my head.  So, when I stumbled across charmingly alternative VAIN Blog, from Seattle’s salon/ art gallery/ boutique of the same name, I had to share.

*By the way, this entry will be the first in the “Hair Today” Category- The dearth of decent gawth hair blogs has made me realize we ought to be posting more hairstyles here!

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  1. Vain is awesome. If you have never been, go! And I know that third girl, her name is Nicole. I’m really not into her hair cut. From the front she has a bob, but in the back it’s long. It looks awkward to me.

    But in all fairness people could say that about my haircut. I have black short asymmetrical hair but the right side is much shorter and above my right ear is a shaved section. I plan on growing out the left side a lot more as well.

  2. I second the myspace style albums ‘arkityp’ linked 🙂 There are several gorgeous photos of alternative hair styles, with loads of ideas for colours too!

  3. That first girl’s hair is SOO gorgeous. I could never get it to work out for me; that shade of blue never wanted to stick in my hair & when it did, the pink would always bleed into it. BOO.

  4. VERY awesome indeed. i’ve had the same issue, finding great hair pics. i’ll pop over to this blog…
    when in florida, i go to vidal sassoon south beach because i love their precision cuts and artful approach to color. just went last week, and got intense red w/ a copper panel for an accent.
    these before & after pics of blond to black w/purple tips is killer cute!! what a difference when she ditched the long blond locks for something more edgy…wow!


    I have spent the better part of the past two years looking for good hair photos. The closest I’ve come is the madradhair Livejournal community, but even that is pretty weak, photo-wise. I can’t wait to see more of this category!