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Rick Owens F(t)W2010

Don’t worry Rick, I still love you, despite how horrifically rude your sales clerks are at your West Village NYC store.  Sorry that your neck tattoos are so shitty, douchebag retail guy, but don’t take it out on me.

That being said, Fall Winter 2010 is full of UNF, as usual.

Images via The Fashionisto

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11 Comment

  1. omg seriously, why do I even type at all in the morning “their” should be “they’re” christ.

    pps: I quite like the strange looking models. I wear strange clothes and like strange looking people, so it’s appropriate in my little world! =D

  2. Creepy, yes. I mean, sheesh, would it hurt them to crack a smile. Okay, would it hurt them to just have the possibility of a smile floating around somewhere in their brain. Actually, that’s it exactly. It looks like their brains hurt.

  3. Agreed, especially those top two guys…was much too busy wondering what happened to their faces to look at the clothes! You sure the retail clerk isn’t surly on purpose?

  4. i think that is why they picked those models, for their “creepiness”.

    not sure about the snakeskin shoes but the other ones i really like 😀

  5. ahaha. I have to agree.. the male models are kinda creepy lookin no offense. I really had trouble even noticing the clothes… I couldn’t get past the faces… *shudders*

  6. I think this is the first time that I have to say “BOY those male models creep me the f*ck out!!!”

    The clothes however are nice (not sure what to think about the snakeskin shoes though. They’re weird)

  7. but their ironically shitty tattoos.

    I’m still formulating my plan to kidnap rick owens and force him to create all my clothing in from our basement.