Slowly Recovering | Haute Macabre

Slowly Recovering

I am nearly recovered from two days vending at the SF Edwardian Ball, and promise pretty pictures and a rundown of all the amazing vendors I found starting in the morning.

Meanwhile, I handed out tons of Haute Macabre cards because I didn’t have the good sense to get separate cards made for my Etsy shop. So, to all the new folks I met at the Ball- thanks for stopping by Haute Macabre! My etsy shop is OVER HERE, and I do have photos up of the antler fascinators that didn’t sell at the Fair. More all-black and black-and-bronze ones coming soon, those sold out totally! For those of you that missed the booth, my plantler fixation rages on:

roe deer antler hat fascinator

roe deer antler hat fascinator cherry blossoms

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  1. Very cool, we are not opposed to hunting. Just curious, do you know the hunter and he gave the sculls to you? Or did you buy them off some random hunter?

  2. Thank you for gracing the world with your creativity! I bought one for a friend at the SFEB, I cant wait to give it to her!! I must ask though (because she is going to grill me about this when I give it to her) how did you come by these antlers? Were these deer from a farm or something? I need the details…

  3. Whittles, I see you posting above me here… did you go to the ball too? Pictures! I demand pictures! *stomp stomp*

    These are stunning – I especially love the all-black versions!