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Stylish Gent Roundup

Stylish Gent roundup, back with dripping vengeance. Without further ado, clockwise from top left:

noize iac, harmon, piel, rez aquino

Noize – Iconoclasm and construct

“Sometimes you find out that you’ve been missing something. And sometimes you just plain remember that out that in Japan, they’re still making some really crazy clothes.” – court3nay

harmon mens parka (unfortunately no longer available, go find it on ebay)

“This harmon jacket may seem expensive, but just wait until the hyperinflation kicks in..  run up your credit card bill now I say!  At least you’ll look great as you flee from the repo man.” – m1k3y

Rey Aquino

In the Stylish Gent post I say I will own them all. I have failed at this goal. Now I have a New Year’s resolution.

Piel sports bag

I hope your overnight bag doesn’t say “Nike” on it.

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