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Asger Juel Larsen

Oh, Asger

Thanks to Fashion 156, it appears that I’ve discovered you just in time to make your AW 10/11 London Fashion Week show!

I’m quite fond of this little ‘tease’ that’s been leaked of model Ash Stymest in your metal tube waistcoat, and—upon further investigation of your work—found a familiar face among Haute Macabre’s readership: One Florian Pessenteiner.

† Photography by Simian Coates for Fault magazine † Featuring Jasmine P. of M and P Models † Make-Up by Ann-Cathrine Rino † Styling by Fiona Jane † Hair by Suzanna Lightnegger †

As I am dreadfully impecunious, I can assure you I will be grateful of any flight arranged on my behalf.  Oh!  And did I mention my inimitable charm, cunning wit, keen sense of style and remarkable tolerance for cigarette smoke (unlike most Americans)?

I am available for flights out of LAX or Burbank, at your convenience.

Upon Your Reply, I Await—



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