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Atomic Wedgey

velvet angels chunky black wedge boots madame ex and naked lunch

From Velvet Angels:  Madame Ex, † $394.95  Naked Lunch, $208

As I’m sure you have noticed, there has been a whole lot of chunky wedge love on this site of late. That’s mostly because both Sam and I are currently without, and trying to pick the perfect pair. We’ve covered a number of the front runners in this race (Jeffrey Campell, Chloe Sevigny for Opening Cermony,  and Acne to name a few), but the fact is that there is a whole WORLD of chunky wedges to choose from. The options boggle the mind. Over the knee, bootie or shoe? Toes open or closed? Suede or leather? Buckles or simple?

Camilla Skovgaard London Bootie, $359.31 † Sam Edelman Aldo Zybia, $160

Forever 21 Buckled Wedges $29.99 † Kinley Wedge Sandal, $169.99

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  1. I love wedges. Seriously. I am one of those girls who, no matter how hard she tries, cannot walk in stiletto heels to save her life. Wedges are a godsend! And dark, sexy wedges are hard to find; so many are nasty pastel-colored beachy espadrilles.
    Lovely selection here! Naked lunch? Yes, please!!!

  2. I LOVE wedges too, especially the first few you showed (tho I’m not fond of the gladiator sandal look of the bottom row). Funny too, as beetleginny in her comment above, just got a pair of Zoe boots, and I just wore some today for the first time in over a year and just posted here

    Ah, good design never goes out of style..even if it’s hard to walk in!

  3. How funny, I actually just received TWO wedge booties this morning. The Sam Edelman Zoe Boot, ( ) and the Jeffrey Campbell Potion boots ( )

    I also have at Fluevog on layaway the Melrose Boots ( )

    So I am definitely feeling the Wedge boot love.