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Covet Garden: Alligator Jacket

I am utterly in love with the alligator jacket Frida Gustavsson is modeling here (photo from Vogue Germany). Anybody know offhand who the designer is?

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  2. I love Balmain as much as the next ferosh trendsetter, but $74,000 for a mock-crock (okay, alligator) jacket? The price tag on this is $8k less than what I owe as the balance on the mortgage of my *house*. Let’s prioritize here… Which would you rather own, a jacket made out of synthetic animal skin that will be considered passe’ in a year or less, or a house? That’s what I thought.

    Creative fashion is great and all, but let’s not lose our minds here.

  3. yes it looks like it is falling apart but that is what i like about it. it looks so awesome,at least to me, gah i want that jacket!

  4. For that price tag on it they could at least use the better parts of the crocodile on most parts and not litter it with scraps. For $5,000 it’s not even an amazing jacket because it looks haphazardly constructed. For $74,000 though? That jacket is a joke. I’ve seen Balmain T-shirts retail for over $1,000 (cotton T-shirts). They’re one of the most expensive labels in the world (and also one of the most overpriced). Yes, their construction and workmanship is top of the line, but you’re paying usually well over 500% of what most other high end designer labels charge.

  5. I’ve heard from a few blogs that despite its OUTRAGEOUS price tag, it’s not even real alligator or croc, rather it’s embossed with the print.
    I’d be damn disappointed if this were the case. Even though I don’t like the idea of crocodile farming for leather, but seriously, I’d want my $74,000 worth!

  6. I recognized it as Balmain, as others have said, but it has a price tag of $74,000 U.S. And if you can believe it, shipping is not included in that.

  7. not that attractive and it’s made of crocodile tail. i personally can’t think of a person in this age who would wear it or pay that exorbitant price.