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Curiouser and Curiouser.

Urban Decay Book of Shadows, Vol. II

The marketing department behind Disney’s Alice in Wonderland seems to have been eating, drinking, and smoking everything they can get their hands on in the runup to the movie’s March 5th release. Of course, there are some expected horrors-That Store at the Mall that we do not mention has contracted for ungodly numbers of T-shirts, hoodies, Cheshire Cat purses and Red Queen lip gloss. But the liscencing on this movie has also moved to higher-end markets. Designer Sue Wong has created a line of gowns theoretically inspired by the film that will be sold at places like Bloomingdale’s and Neiman Marcus, retailing for up to $600. Urban Decay has released a limited edition palette of Alice colors (which, by the way, are just old colors with new names), with an ultra-cool palette that has a pop-up Alice scene inside. Stella McCartney is releasing rabbit and playing card bangle bracelets. The problem is that most of it (except the Urban Decay palette, above, which is pretty cool), is just ugly. With all of this competition to bring more of your hard-earned dollars to Disney, I though I might suggest some alternatives from the busy hands at Etsy:

Alice in Wonderland jewelry teacup necklace cufflinks

Queen of Hearts NecklaceAfternoon Teacup Pendant

Ace of Spades CufflinksWhite Rabbit Locket

Autumn in France Teacup Soy Candle

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  1. You’re so right. I think the Etsy stuff is what the mass produced would like to be but lacks the creativity to do so. I’m really disappointed with what Disney has come up with. SO$ (Same Old $#!t).

  2. The OPI collection for Alice in Wonderland doesn’t seem that awful…
    but def agree about Etsy v. Disney 🙂

  3. As far as I can tell from the trailers, the “most of it is just ugly” sentiment is going to apply to the upcoming movie as well. Give me Jan Svankmajer’s Alice and a book of Charles Dodgson’s photography and let me be.

    Ohhh, alright, maybe I’ll take a couple of those snazzy Etsy items, too.