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Doing V-Day Right

“I’m in Love With Something Real” Lightbox

This year, why not get your Valentine something they’ll actually like?  Flowers die within days, chocolate goes right to your thighs, and reservations in restaurants leave you shoulder to shoulder with other couples.

There’s nothing wrong with hearts and flowers, but you’ve got to do it right.

Jan Hilmer †  Cyberoptix

CrowBiz †  Affixment

BellaLili †  London’s Gate

RockLove Designs

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6 Comment

  1. Well!

    Now that I’ve gotten that out of the way, I can say:

    The Jan Hilmer heart?

    Comes on a cool chain, even—rather than that ball-bearing bath-tub stopper B.S.

    Good find.

    (…& wish it were mine!)

  2. Hahahaha…another example of “Better Check First”:

    twitter post (still cringe at the term “tweet”) a few days ago re: Cyberoptix, and was *literally* just about to upload examples of my favorites for blogature on my own dot com.

    I’ll hold off on that one, as the new hair category (thank you, Nixon!) has an “umm, duh” for me to cover.

    Oh and, I’ve been wondering if I can utilize italics when commenting.


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