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God Save McQueen

This morning, I woke to my usual routine of checking emails, Twitters, Facebook messages, and the like, to be completely flooded with the sad news of Alexander McQueen’s founder and designer,  Lee McQueen, death.

He is a designer we have all admired, respected, and have been inspired by, so rather than devote this article to gruesome and speculated details, please enjoy this collection of some of our favorite pieces of his work.

Please share your favorites with us!

More after the jump, in no particular order.

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  1. Its been two days since his passing and I still can’t get it out of my head. He was my Van Gogh. He was my Francis Bacon. He was a fine artist that used a model instead of a canvas. No one will ever be able to replace him. I prefer art instead of people. Thank you for a brilliant display of his work. It was by far superior than the New York Times.

  2. I was so shocked and saddened by the news of his untimely death. Even my mother was upset by it.

    R.I.P. McQueen. Your talent and provocative vision will be sorely missed, but always treasured.

  3. I was seriously, seriously hoping to get my fashion design internship with McQueen. He’s my favorite designer. So very sad.

  4. The world had lost a beautiful, brilliant mind.
    When I woke up yesterday morning to the news, I cried. And I then immediately put on my MAC Pagan eyeshadow from the McQueen Collection. (Since I can’t afford any of his pieces.)
    He was one of the most brilliant designers to walk this earth. And I’m so happy to see someone focusing on the beauty he did he leave us instead of the way he died.
    He was an inspiration. And he will continue to be an inspiration as long as we have his past collections go admire.

    One of my personal favorites. I gasp whenever I see the elegance.

  5. This is the best post I’ve seen online so far. He’s an idiot for killing himself. Look how badass his fucking work was. I personally believe suicide is a selfish act. It’s sad, yes, and he will be missed, but how dare he. It would have been cool to meet him.

  6. I was late on getting the news of McQueen’s death.
    The news was just a crushing blow to my day, how could someone so inspiring be gone from the world.
    My favourite McQueen fashion moment is this one, the antler headdress with this fabulous lace dress. It just stops my heart whenever I see it.


    I’m going to have to dress up extra special tomorrow to honour his memory.

  7. I am so sad that we lost such a visionary of the fashion community. I believe no one will be able to replace the caliber of work that he did and am sorry for his friends and family.

  8. Gosh All of my dreams of going to an Alexander McQueen show have just been dashed
    The dreams of owning an Alexander McQueen garment have also been stifled by my lack of funds.
    I’m so sorry to hear of this… I about died when I received the news today while I was at the College of Textiles.

  9. i was just perusing the alexander mcqueen website the other day, and was thinking about stopping by the store when i’m in london next week, just to drool if nothing else. such upsetting news!

    thanks for posting such a nice selection of images.

  10. I could not believe this when I saw it on the news. My favorite and most coveted designer (I was saving up for a pair of his stunning boots) dead with so much genius still to be realized. It’s a shame. He leaves a hole in his wake.

  11. This is truly an unfathomable loss. The impressive body of work he left behind is just a testament to what McQueen could have continued to do for the rest of his life. So tragic.

    I’m pleased that you posted my favorite piece though. The black dress with the silver spinal column and wrap around ribcage cincher-like thing <3 From the moment I first saw it, I just jumped in the air and went "YEAH!" that's what fashion is supposed to be. <3

  12. Such a tremendous loss. His work has been a constant source of inspiration to so many people, myself included. Great artists like Alexander McQueen are rare, fleeting and fragile. To loose such a visionary so close to the untimely demise of fellow maverick Isabella Blow is a real tragedy. I hope they’ve both found peace.

  13. I am absolutely sick to my stomach with the realization that we will never see another collection. I can not describe the joy I received (continue to receive) from watching “Plato’s Atlantis” and am greatly saddened to know I will never be fortunate enough to experience the surprise and delight that I’ve come to associate with new McQueen collections. We will feel the loss of this genius for a very long time, indeed.

  14. so saddened by this. such a huge loss. I found myself crying spontaneously off and on all morning. After never meeting the man I was completely caught off guard by how affected I am. but inspiration is very hard to find and once you get it from something, it is always there, floating around in your mind. We have him to thank for sooooo much inspiration and brilliant thought provoking work. gone too soon…………

  15. This is such an enormous blow to the arts. McQueen had a completely unique vision and the talent and force of personality to create it not just for himself, but on an enormous scale for the rest of us to enjoy.

    He will be sorely missed.

  16. to some bit of irony, I’m happy that we followers of a blog with the word Macabre are least interested in the details of his death and more interested in his life and creations.

    Am I a hopeless fangirl for making an audible gasp followed by “oh my god!” on the train ride in to work today over the death of someone I’ve never met? Perhaps, but I’m happy at least here people aren’t staring at me blankly when I share the news (one woman I work with said “is that Steve McQueen’s son or something?”)

    Really sad, just really sad.