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Goths in Hot Weather. Again.

Because I didn’t learn my lesson from The Costa Rica Incident, I’m going here in two weeks. Because I’m going to Mexico, I was a) broke as shit and b) in desperate need of a couple of new bathing suits. I haven’t bought one in YEARS, and the last new one I had I actually borrowed from Sam and just failed to return.  So, what’s a girl to do?

Well, sit-ups, for one thing, as no bathing suit can disguise how lazy I’ve been all winter. But beyond that? eBay, my friends. Because, really, ten square inches of fabric just shouldn’t cost that much. What I ordered:

Ruched Back Wet-Look Bikini, $9.95 from the aptly named lowestpricedswimwear

Shining Black Sequin Bikini, $12.99, from gooddeal008

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  1. sort of on topic, sort of not:
    As Samantha mentions, we are in the midst of a pretty huge snowpocalypse right now. For a few weeks I’ve been passively keeping track of potential tropical/hot places to vacation-that we can afford and that don’t come with 2459873457809824092459877890924058248975 kids and families and floom rides. Did you go through a travel agent or just know how to book these places?

  2. A. I think the one you borrowed from me still had the tags on, even!
    B. I have no use for bikinis, as it is currently AN EFFIN BLIZZARD IN NYC.
    C. Please kidnap me while you are en route. See previous statement.

  3. I have a black and white striped Beetlejuice-esque bikini that I adore.
    Good luck in the sun! Hope you don’t tan!

  4. Try looking for the Alexander McQueen for Target bikini on eBay. It was black with black grommet detailing. Definitely beach- and goth-appropriate.