Haute Macabre Approved: Katie Shillingford | Haute Macabre

Haute Macabre Approved: Katie Shillingford

Katie Shillingford blonde and black bob

Katie Shillingford is the fashion editor of Dazed and Confused and stylist to many of Gareth Pugh’s runway shows. She also has just about the best hair ever.  So, for bringing us pretty pictures, gorgeous runway shows, and a personal closet the HM staff would kill for, I give an official HM Thumbs-up to Katie Shillingford.

Katie Shillingford shaved chanel logo

Katie Shillingford Haute Macabre approved

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  1. I’ve marveled over Miss Thing many a time—and couldn’t agree more (without a restraining order being involved).

    Zapping the name of another editor I want to cover





    x o x