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Not Totally Under Control

“A Landing Not Totally Under Control

Shot by Urivaldo Lopes for 160G, February 2010

crazy platform heel patent boot fetish

crazy platform heel patent boot fetish

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  1. The buckles on those boots kinda make them look like the Demonia knockoffs of Nina Ricci, haha. Then again, I’m just never a fan of the “buckles up the leg look” so it might just be me. Wish I could see the dress[?] at the bottom more it looks like it might be quite pretty though it doesn’t look paired with those shoes.

    Oh, but that poor girl’s hair. It looks just terrible [especially in that second photo].

  2. the boots remind me of the prosthetics that they have for athletes… photoshoot=yes; much else=not really

    I’d like to see her foot at a higher angle in these.