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Put On Your Brave Face

Put On Your Brave Face for the Vintage Issue of Chaos Magazine

Photographed by Eric Martin † Styled by René Garza


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  1. I really dig the wing bracelet in pic 5, anyone know anything about it?

    I also dig the model. I am absolutely stunned by his face/body/bone structure/everything.

    I find it a bit hypocritical though that so many people think this guy is gorgeous while the emaciated model just a few pages back was critisised so badly.

    We all know thats what fashion is like, and as much as everyone’s on about “normal sized models” on the runways and in fashion spreads, lets face it, it will never be the norm.

  2. The jacket, photograph 7?

    Holy Shit, the spike details!

    A job well done, Mr. Garza—whose credit I noticed before “clicking through” to comments, by the way…

    And as for the tattooed young thing upon whom the garments are draped?

    Slaughtering me.


  3. Wow! I really love this editorial. I love the guy’s tatoos and the styling is superb. Great post…and great blog. Maybe we could switch links if you are interested. Thanks. 🙂