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Road Warrior

French Vogue March 2010 † Shot by David Sims

I just re-watched Road Warrior a few days ago, and they really need to take note of this type of wardrobe instead of the salvaged sporting goods store look post-apocalyptic movies always go for.


Nixon’s mystery Balmain jacket makes a cameo in here, as well.

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  1. “Road Warrior?” PLEASE. More like “homeless junkie dying of HIV”.
    If you think this is “hot” and “superb”, come to Main and Hastings, Vancouver and take your pic of many women who look EXACTLY like this.
    They’ll do you for under $10 usually. But wear a rubber! Because most of them have Hep C, HIV or something contagious.

  2. All I can think of are the health problems she’ll have once she’s retired from modeling (health problems as a result of being that skinny — that’s not genetic or accidental from the looks of it).

  3. I’m glad I’m not the only one who found this model’s thiness and lips tending towards freaky rather than hot. She is too thin to deal with an apocalypse successfully. She would starve to death. She needs muscles and some fat if she’s going to fight the baddies and live through tough times.

  4. @HouseOfAnkh In all my extensive pondering of a post-zombie apocalypse world, nomadic human survivors would not get anywhere without a good amount of muscle mass for running the frig away from the hungry undead. Surely you are familiar with Rule #1: Cardio? Pokey McBones over there wouldn’t last 5 minutes. Unless of course she’s a marathon runner and full of slow-twitch muscle, but I opt for the Boyle style of oh-god-they-can-run zombie where chunky bits of fast-twitch muscle are more important for sprinting your ass off to escape the imminent danger of becoming a bountiful brains buffet and oh god I have wasted so many moments of my life thinking about zombies stop typing stop typing

  5. arkytip: her proportions are f**king creepy!

    It’s not the skinny that bothers me but the choice of *extremely* low-rise trousers on a long waisted body. Which throws proportions off to a large degree.

  6. The word I use for this sort of look is “doompunk” (I know, another -punk… but in fairness I came up with the term back before the suffix was so overused, and I think it fits this better than most things).

    The definitive doompunk look, in my mind, is Beyond Thunderdome. Another great example is the movie Doomsday (completely terrible movie, but possible bad enough to enjoy if you are into that sort of thing).

  7. Hell Yeah!!!

    the bustier and the jacket in #3 must be mine. In every pic there’s at least one thing i gotta have. I think the model works fine with apocalypse/road warrior theme, she could have a little more muscle tone but yeah, I am loving everything about this post.

  8. I thought this was a male model until the 8 or 9th photo! She looks like Steven Tyler, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, I suppose. I think her body is great for this shoot, but I can’t imagine what she looks like in everyday clothes.

  9. I really wish that I hadn’t seen the lower half of the first pic with the leather bustier.

    Maybe she suits the topic, but … no.

    Still, nice stuff, especially the jackets.

  10. Actually, I would normally agree about such a thin model being used, however I think that the post apocalyptic theme and her appearance go hand in hand. There’s not a whole lot a opportunities to stop for a bite when you’re running from zombies, and rabid oil thieves… She suits the styling very well. Also, I must have the jacket in Pic. 3