Shoeturday : Mulholland | Haute Macabre

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  1. I keep coming back to this post & keep thinking that it actually, seriously, legitimately pains me that I don’t own these (even though there’s a foot of snow outside my door & I wouldn’t be able to wear them out for at least 3 months).

  2. I feel they would look sooooo much better if they had a toe! They are an awesome shape, but then they had to leave the toe open!

    I suppose I have a personal abhorrence of open-toed boots, since I think they’d look funny with tights on, and if you wear them with bare feet, all I’d be fighting thinking about is how sweaty they are… eww…

  3. I have the closed-toe ankle boot version of those (the style name is Silverlake) and they’re much more walkable than they look, and very, very badass. You can’t really see it in these shots, but it’s an inverse heel that tapers down to a blade edge at the back. It’s perfectly balanced, though, so I never felt off-balance in them, even when dancing.

  4. They remind me of those Ann Demeulemeesters that get knocked off left and right – but I actually really like the wedge, even though they seem a lot less walkable than the Ann D’s.