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Skin Graft 2010

Skingraft Designs has released a preview of their Fall 2010 line, and I am completely enamored.  I personally think it’s their best collection yet.  As much as I love their post-apocalyptic over the top previous lines, I love how streamlined and slick this collection is.

More after the beep.

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  1. went to their website & did not see any prices. am i looking in the wroung place.

    the whole collection is worth saving for.

  2. i did like the older collections, but i agree i fell in love with the fluidity of those jackets!! but checking the online shop, did not find any of those pictured as far as i know. well i guess that means road trip right..

  3. I NEED that first leather jacket. My old moto jacket is…old…kinda worn…okay I just WANT it really badly…I don’t need new tires on my car, right?