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Perhaps not the best name for a shoe line, Trippen makes up for it with some additions to the New Shoe Mission that Nixon and I are currently on.  More often than not, she and I are falling over our own feet (yes, we fall down a lot, yes, you can point and laugh at will), so maybe Trippen will be the perfect fit?

I am well aware of how many terrible puns are laced throughout this article, but the shoes are still awesome.

Special thanks to reader Noaide for pointing out the line!

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  1. An fascinating dialogue is worth comment. I believe that you need to write more on this subject, it may not be a taboo subject but usually people are not enough to talk on such topics. To the next. Cheers

  2. To piggyback on Clint’s remark, not only do Nixxon and Samantha have local haunts in which they could try on a pair—or seventeen—and play “dress-up”, both o’dem bitches have FEET small enough to fit the effin’ women’s collection! GAAAAAAAAAAAH!

    Damn my big-ass boats for feet!!!

  3. Why am I not surprised to discover that I live in the second largest city in the U.S. and there’s not one single stockist listed on Trippen’s site?

    Yes, Nixxon and Samantha: both you bitches have local haunts in which you could try on a pair—or seventeen—and play “dress-up.”

    All the more tempting, yes…but the tease of a ‘virtual’ view? As far as the sensory-fuck goes, I’d classify it as heavy-petting.

    However, let me slide my feet into a pair? That’s when the gears shift into psyche penetration mode, and all logic disappears.

    In Southern vernacular, “If you’re gonna sin, sin good.”

    Well, if I’m gonna break a commandment by way of credit card? At this point, I need the olfactory, somatosensory, auditory—

    Fawk, in my broke-ass state as of late, if I’m gonna dole out $400 + ? Basically need to be “chewin’ it” to be “doin’ it well…”

    Oh & uh-huh: L.L. Cool J?

    Yep. Sure did.

    C’est Le Mort,
    Clintasaurus Wrecks!

    x o x o x

  4. love love love trippens. not that this is useful for most people, but the factory is here in berlin, and there’s apparently a factory outlet in the city with really great discounts.

  5. These shoes are downright amazing. I’ve had the pleasure of wearing a few pair, and you would not believe how crazy comfortable they are — even they ones with the insane heels (cutouts, wood, whatever!); they’re built around the concept of being a sturdy walking shoe. Augh, just thinking about their craftsmanship and gorgeous leathers make me drool.