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Victims and Avengers

The women and children in this new series from LA-based photographer and digital artist Chris Anthony are pictured in the aftermath of revenge. Anthony, who describes himself as growing up as a witness to domestic violence in his own home, says he imagines his subjects as victims of extended abuse who have finally struck back at their abusers, captured in “the moment of release, like the calm after the storm.”  View all 27 of the eerily beautiful panoramas on his website.

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  1. they’re not quite new exactly, I used them about a year ago for a magazine project in college…but yes they’re fantastic images. glad to see them here.

  2. gorgeous photography. wanted to take a look at the bigger versions, but apparently there is some kind of php error so all I get is an error message. 🙁

  3. Cool, though a bit old. Saw these when Chris Anthony was in Welcome to the Parker in 2007. Still like the pictures, as well as the work he did with My Chemical Romance–really lovely photography all around.