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  1. I agree with Jordan. The labor is the reason for much of the price — and it’s a hell of a lot more labor than twenty dollars’ worth, if you’re paying yourself a fair wage and not jobbing it out to a sweatshop. I do, however, think the prices would be more sensible if these pieces were one-of-a-kind rather than multiples. Then you’re paying for having a unique piece that won’t be seen on anyone else.

    I’ve been with an art gallery for nearly 10 years, and I can’t count how many times I’ve heard the pejorative comment, “Oh, that costs too much. That’s not hard to do, and the materials are cheap.” To these people I’d like to say, “Well, give it a shot.”

  2. I have to partially agree with Ana. Price is always inflated, but that’s the nature of the game when it comes to jewelry. And while the material cost isn’t much, the labor actually would run much higher if it was handmade in the US. Sure you can contract out a factory in East Asia, but that doesn’t get around the time it takes to put it all together, solder and polish, while making sure the chains don’t get tangled. I know I can average a jump ring a minute, maybe less than that depending on cooling times and how quickly I can get the next ring ready for solder. But even in more experienced hands that mine, you really can’t move much faster without sacrificing quality.
    If the jump rings are not soldered/welded then I’d have concerns over the durability of the piece. That’s a nightmare in the making both for the wearer and the jeweler that has to keep putting it back together.
    Still, all those caveats aside, I like the designs. They’re simple, but not plain. And for the occasions that would one would wear such items they would stand out without offending the senses and good taste.

  3. Honestly, some of this stuff isn’t hard to make if you have patience. I think some of them aren’t worth the money [ex]
    That’s like ten dollars worth of chain and maybe another twenty of labor– to measure and connect chains with jump rings.

  4. Oooh, I loove the first one. It would make any old tank top very posh and dressed up. I also like the third one, but ouch! The logistics on that one make me think of pinched underarms. Yeowch!