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Black Lotus

Yesterday, I was lucky enough to spend most of the day holed up inside the burnt-out trunk of an enormous redwood tree with the incredibly adorable Christina Molcillo, founder and designer of Black Lotus Clothing. Christina’s designs have been a staple of San Fransisco’s tribal fusion bellydance scene for years now, but even though I’ve seen her work around I had never before had the chance to try it on (much less try hopping in and out of a tree stump repeatedly while wearing it).  I was thrilled with the pieces I got to try, and with how well they were made- as delicate looking and ephemeral as they seem, these are clothes made to be danced in, partied in, and maybe even rolled around inside a giant hollow tree in.

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  1. …OOOOOh and you should definitely post the pics of you inside the trees modeling! That would be FAB!!!!!!


  2. Oh my gawd as Wendy Williams would say “This is a Problem!” I love this! The colors are so rich….once again why can’t we just run around in outfits like this all day long?

  3. These photos are beautiful 😀

    I really love the first one, it is amazing with the bright red against the dark sky.