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Blush Response: Über, In the Key of Yellow

The rest of these photos by Lou O’Bedlam and an outfit breakdown can be found on Biorequiem, in the latest installment of Style Dispatch.

Gather ’round my spooklings, and I’ll tell you a tale. A tale of cosmetic miracles! As we’ve all noticed, black lipstick, the cornerstone of all things darque and goffic, has been actually in since fall. Yes, somehow the inky pigment, long-frowned-upon by almost everyone but some of us, can currently be found in several reputable make up lines. Whether Lady Gaga is to thank [or to blame] for this revival is yet to be determined, but we old fogies should probably prepare for a lot more of this in the near future. But I digress.

I actually recall having a discussion on the topic of black lipstick a year or so back, with our friend Courtney Riot, assuring her that it CAN be done, in the right context. For me, this means no heavy eye makeup and non-black hair and brows.It also means the right setting. In this case, the right setting turned out to be this beautiful stretch of rocky beach near Malibu, but, in all honestly, I probably wouldn’t do this in the daytime outside the context of a photo shoot. Read on, as I explain how I achieved this look and give a few pointers on more practical wear of the lipstick of Die Nacht.


  • Brows: MAC pressed eye shadow in “Contrast”
  • Eyes: Sugarpill pressed eye shadow in”Buttercupcake” and loose pigment in “Goldilux”, L’Oreal Voluminous Mascara in “Carbon Black” on the lashes
  • Lips: Prestige black eyeliner and MAC LipGlass
  • Face: Bare Escentuals powder foundation
  • Cheeks: Sugarpill pressed eye shadow in “Flamepoint” and more “Goldilux”, used as a highlighter


  1. Apply foundation under the eyes and around the nose with concealer brush, than all over the face with a kabuki brush
  2. With a wet angled brush, outline and fill in eyebrows with “Contrast”, without squaring off the inner corners
  3. Line your water line [inside of lower lid, along the eyelases]
  4. Apply “Buttercupcake” all over the lids, and along the underside of your eye, blending up and out
  5. Highlight near the brow with powder foundation
  6. With a wet brush or applicator, dab the inner corner of your eyes with “Goldilux”, then gently pull the pigment out
  7. Dust the lids with a little more “Goldilux”
  8. Apply “”with a blush brush to your cheeks, blending out all the way to the hairline
  9. Highlight with even more “Goldilux”
  10. Outline and fill in your lips with the black Prestige eyeliner [that’s right], then brush on Lipglass. Be sure to use a brush for this, as applying too much will inevitably result in hideous running gloss, leaving you to look like a vampire drooling tar
  11. If you intend to be out for a while, give yourself a good spritzing with finishing spray, et voila: an avant garde vixen is born.

Things to Remember

  • If you’re going out and intend on having more than a couple of drinks, skip the gloss and go for actual black lipstick to avoid the aforementioned tar drool.
  • If you have thin lips, all dark colors will make them look thinner. Whether you mind or not is up to you, however!
  • If you wear glasses, I suggest opting out for contacts when you go for this look, because with your mouth being the chief focal point glasses will make your face look crowded, just as heavy eye make up would.

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  2. I stay away from black lips because I have dark hair (like you mentioned) but I’ll definitely try out what you did with your cheeks and eyes, I love that. I also love your blue eyebrows. 😀

  3. this is wonderfull! i absoloutly love it, one thing ive always wondered though, is what dye you use on your hair? that blue is the best i have ever seen!
    you are gorgeous!

  4. *sigh* Looks like this make me regret my profession! Teachers can’t wear anything this cool! (Btw, as a teacher, I feel compelled to point out that it’s die Nacht, not der, unless that’s a reference I’m not getting.)

  5. I looove yellow eyeshadow. It looks really pretty on you~ I also love black lipstick, or any dark colored lipstick when it’s done well. I usually do a light color on my lids with dark liner only on my eyelid, not under my eye. Infact, today I’m wearing black/super dark red lip stick. I suggest for black lip color. The color I’m wearing today I got from fyrrinae and it’s amazing.
    I’m interested in sugarpill, she has some really interesting colors and packaging. But, they don’t have any colors that I don’t have, or want right now.

  6. i got the intense black lipgloss from Illamasqua along with their sophie pencil. brilliant combination that lasts. i wear it with bare eyes..just a little eyeliner in a primary colour and black mascara.

  7. I’ve been a big fan of yellow eyeshadow for quite some time now. I do my black lips the same way, as well (with eyeliner!) aaaand lastly thanks for reminding me again to put in my order to Sugarpill. Great tutorial 🙂

  8. Thanx for the great tips! I never thought I would ever wear black lipstick but I think I might try it now and i’ll just shell out the cash and buy the MAC lipstick to prevent any ‘tar mouth’ from happening. I already have the blue hair so I have that working for me I just wish my lips were as luscious as yours 😉

  9. In addition to wishing I could pull off spook-chique (my skin is too olive and lips too thin so I always seem to look like an ethnic drag queen when I experiment)… I WANT YOUR PANTS!
    Fabulous shoot all around, from the makeup prowess to the expression!

    But yes, could you please do your infamous outfit breakdown for us gawth grasshoppers?

  10. That is quite the stunning look. I almost feel as if you would have to have the right facial/lip shape in order to make black lipstick work for you … the bit about eyeliner,though, is particularly ingenious It makes so much since, yet I would have never thought of it..

  11. Digging the gloves! And this look is incredible when paired with blue hair-color theory applies to the max here, contrasting blue’s opposite with each other. (warm (yellow) to cool, orange-cheeks-to blue.) However, when blue hair isn’t in the equation, and a warmer color like auburn or brunette hair is framing the face (and the yellow and fiery blush) this might be less of a harmony. Curious to see if you would change to a lime green for the eyeshadow and update the look for brown and red related hair.

    Great look for the blue haired ladies, for sure! (too bad I didn’t try this when I had my blue hair!!)

  12. Gorgeous! It is indeed hard to imagine this look being pulled off in the real world, and in any sort of lit situation, but I’d be very curious to see it tried…

    Also, what awesome pants you have!