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Do a Little Dance

Last November, Gareth Pugh created a one off dress in the SHOWstudio LiveStudio, and Raquel Zimmermann modeled and shimmed around in it for this video presentation.

I do little dances like this when I’m at home by myself, but am never as well dressed as that.

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  1. Michael Charles, I said I was disappointed because I AM familiar with Gareth Pugh. His designs are usually fantastical and over the top! I know that he wanted to tone that down a bit so he could sell more, but I think that this dress is uninspired at best. Coming from a different designer I would like it, but out of respect for Mr. Pugh I expect more from him. He can do a lot better.

  2. “carly” your an idiot and obv shldnt be on this site if you dont know anythin abt gareth pughs design aesthetic ..simply amazing.. do some research stop being a mindless blog reader!

  3. All I wanna know is why was she so tired after not even 5minutes of dancing?

    And I gotta agree with Elisa about the Lady Gaga, as soon as I heard it was her my volume went down to 0.

  4. Wow. Totally unimpressed. Hate the song, was awkwardly embarrassed by the dancing, and the dress just looks like somebody took a razor to a black gown. I expected more. =(

  5. I just want to go one day without hearing a Lady GaGa song somewhere. I like her much better when I am just looking at what she is wearing and not listening to her.

    The dress is gorgeous in the video and I really like that hair on the model.

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