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I Heart a Rumor

OK, guys. This is just a rumor. But it’s a good one, so I’m passing it on. According to the Telegraph UK, (source ) Haute Macabre’s much-beloved Gareth Pugh is the front runner to take over as Creative Director of the Alexander McQueen fashion house.

Let me say that again.


Pugh, who was a squatter in a London warehouse just a few years back,  worked his way up the fashion ladder by interning under Rick “everything I touch turns to awesome” Owens. His collections have consistently been dark, edgy, and visually stunning. And he is about to get anything he wants done, done. While nothing will ever replace the original McQueen, this is about the best I could hope for. I truly look forward to seeing what Pugh can do with the budget and force of the House of McQueen behind him.

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    No one could do a better job, in my opinion. It’d bring an unusual twist to other global superbrands like Gucci, Armani, etc too.

  2. Dear lord, Would trust very few other people to take over King McQueen’s empire. But if anyone was my favorite, second only to Mcqueen, it was Gareth.

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