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Medieval McQueen : The Final Collection

Despite the collection being only 80% completed at the time of his death, Alexander McQueen’s final (and this time I’m sure) 16 pieces showcased a romantic and medieval inspired theme.

“He wanted to get back to the handcraft he loved, and the things that are being lost in the making of fashion.  He was looking at the art of the Dark Ages, but finding light and beauty in it.  He was coming in every day, draping and cutting pieces on the stand,” said Sarah Burton, his right-hand.

Sadly, the McQueen empire will not be taken over by Gareth Pugh as we had previously heard, states Pugh’s spokespeople.  Sad days, my friends, sad days.

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  1. amazing i mean amazing im breathless i want more…but these, these omg…2nd…3,4,5,6,7 and ninth are the most beautiful most amazing pieces ive seen in my life…R.I.P mcqueen the best of the best

  2. Gorgeous, every since piece. And that he used images from Hieronymus Bosch’s Garden of Earthly Delights (my favorite painting and favorite panel of said painting – ever) *sigh

  3. when i first saw this i was completely blown away, especially because i loved it before i knew it was mcqueens. im so glad at least one designer had a true passion for history and the beauty in baroque/medieval art. always been a fan, but alexander mcqueen just truly embodied all that was great about it.

    and maybe im alone in my opinion, but im really happy no ones taking over his line, esp. gareth pugh. i love gareth also.. but i think the collection cannot truly live without its creator, then it would not really be the same. live and let die, right?

  4. Behold the last flash of brilliance.

    I am absolutely in love with the kimono dress and the brown coat/dress directly below it. The use of prints in this collection is incredibly beautiful.

  5. Ah, when I saw the collection it was both exhilarating and heartbreaking. To think this is it, the last thing the man directly gave the world. Too sad.

    On the other hand I may be in the minority but I’m kind of glad the rumor about Gareth Pugh is wrong. Now I do love me some Gareth, but I just don’t see his style completely fitting with the McQueen aesthetic (aside from the obvious Gawth! Fashion’s Bad Boy/Rebel!). He lacks, I think, a certain sense of romanticism that McQueen grew into having. Kind of one of the reasons his work resonates so strongly with me, this relationship of grit, severity and yet lightness and femininity apparent in a lot of his more recent collections (I mean, the man made structured tailoring seem so organic!). And I mean c’mon… can Gareth handle a Print? Embellishment? Color?! We have yet to see (and I really do hope we see it, like I said, I love me some Gareth, esp. the pants he makes… but I really want to see him expand as well.)

  6. love it! i find it fascinating that his post-death collection is based on religion and angels… its incredibly beautiful and regal! i would give an arm for looks #2 and #6. any takers????
    btw, i heard that they released “only” these 16 looks, i wonder if we can look forward to the rest being shown at a later date?? i cant imagine they would just store the remaining looks away… of course, being as the collection is called “Hells Angels, Prolific Demons”, maybe the assumably darker, “demonish” looks are being delayed out of respect…