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New Items in the Shop!

Black Smoke LeggingsSmoke ScarfMen’s Smoke & Ink Tee

Haute Macabre Cyberoptix Neck TieClint Catalyst Haute Prize RibbonGrey Smoke Leggings

At long last, we’ve added new items to the Haute Macabre Shop!  It is now time for you to hand over your hard earned money for fancy new wares, and cover yourself with our Smoke & Ink Design by Courtney Riot.

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Smoke Leggings

It has been no secret since our inception that we love leggings, so why not have our very own?  Available in black and grey, the Smoke design runs up the side of the left leg from ankle to above the knee, perfect for heels and flats.

Men’s Smoke & Ink Tee

Boys, we have heeded your call!  Introducing the Men’s Smoke & Ink Tee, made from 100% soft jersey cotton.  Don’t feel left out, ladies, since this has incredible T-Shirt Surgery potential.

Haute Macabre Cyberoptix Tie

We’ve teamed up with the ever awesome Cypberoptix Tie Lab for our first line of neck ties!  Suit up proper, with the narrow cut black pearl screen print microfiber line.

Smoke Scarf

Our light weight, extra long cotton scarf is just in time for spring.  Measuring in at 93″ long, wrap it around a ton of different ways.

Clint Catalyst / Jared Gold Haute Prize Ribbon

Clint Catalyst and Jared Gold’s Prize Ribbon line has added an exclusive HAUTE ribbon, just for us.  Adorable dog not included.

Special thanks to Chloe Rice for modeling for us!

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  1. I can’t wear a dress cut like that, it looks terrible. Please make stuff other than for super skinny people.

  2. V necks please, and women’s shirts – some of us do have boobs you know, and mens shirts look awful.