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Sinus Inspired Design

These are CT scans of sinus cavities.

These are CT scans of sinus cavities Photoshopped a bit and printed out onto fabric.

Along with some ECG (Electrocardiogram) readouts.

This is that fabric made into clothing.

Designer Brooke Roberts explains more on her blog, Scienceinspireddesign.

Found via Style Bubble.

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  1. Excellent use of the ECG pattern! In college I worked up a mixed-media version of my own heart scans. It can be a great pattern with which to work.

    The sinuses are not as recognizable, and so might be misread as just some abstract splotches.

  2. the leggings ARE fantastic. on the other hand, me and my sinuses are constantly in a raging battle with one another, i couldn’t give them the luxury of being my point of fashion, hahaha!