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Skeletons That Belong In My Closet

All Saints has, once again, added a new line that turned me into a babbling moron reaching for my credit card.

New York artist Laurie Lipton has collaborated with All Saints to produce her very specific breed of art onto a series of tees and tanks, printed with hand drawn illustrations.

In other fantastic All Saints news, their New York City shop is coming soon, and Los Angeles is already open!

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  1. Ahh, AllSaints has SO MUCH of my money. Love them. I’ve gotten lucky, though, everything I’ve bought has ended up being mysteriously and conveniently on sale.

  2. I really really want to like All Saints… but I can’t get behind their quality-to-price ratio. The designs are great, but I really dislike that everything is made in China. And somehow I doubt the workers are benefitting from the high markup. Plenty of good quality things are made in China of course (labor rights aside), but I just don’t feel like most of their stuff is worth what they charge. I’m also a little tired of the attitude of the staff — if I’m going to shell out for something, it would be nice to have friendlier assistance.

    The assymetrical T is pretty cool, though!

  3. Oh yeah so hey I can go to AllSaints any time I want in fact there are no less than 3 very large stores in my city and actually I think I’m just gonna pop in to one tomorrow maybe pick up some jeans it’s like permanent access all the friggin’ time and man living in the UK is so awesome do you Yanks feel jealous yeeeeeet?

    (On a serious note, the easy access to AllSaints stores is about the only thing I can think of that I like about my city and/or living in the UK. I miss LA, it introduced me to Trader Joe’s, mochi ice cream and vitamin D production. My relatives were pretty freaked out when I returned with a mysterious skin disease though, none of us had ever seen this peculiar “sunburn” thing before.)

  4. I recently went to the store on Robertson. It was so hard to behave in there! I ended up with a top, although I was so tempted to shell the money out for thier leather.
    I got a tee similar to the on the top left, but with a different graphic. Wore it to the Viper Room the other night, and felt pretty badass in it.