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You went WHERE?

Oakley Hardshell BackpackOakley Icon Pack 3.0

While on vacation in Mexico last week  I was hauled kicking and screaming by my companion into someplace I never thought I would go. No, not snorkeling in a cave with bats- that I expected. Not eating tacos beside a lake filled with crocodiles- I was ready for that, too. No, this was far more terrifying: the Oakley store! This, by a gentleman I trust, and whose fashion sense is pretty damn good. The truth was, they had quite a few pleasantly industrial backpacks. He chose the hardshell one, on the left above.

Then, to my horror, I realized something terrible- even I wanted something from Oakley. I might hate their sunglasses, but  the cases look like something straight out of Fallout.  I’m pretty sure I need one, as my current glasses case mostly resembles a bar of Irish Spring soap. What? It came with the glasses!

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  1. The mini version of the first Icon pack has been a purse of mine for awhile now. Finding it was my realization that while Oakley is mostly not my thing, every once in awhile, it’s worth a second look. Oh, I wonder if they have any good colors… (pitter patter)

  2. I have one of those cases, only without the black Oakley O. It did indeed come with my glasses and I love it to death. The best part is the awe-inspiring decisive snap when you close it. I’ve had it for at least 10 years, and it shows no appreciable wear other than a few extra scratches that add to its charm.