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I’m All I Want To Be – A Walking Study In Demonology

Shot by Olivia Lorraine Tran.

Styled by Izabel Caligiore.


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  1. heyy
    Yeh the quote is from Courtney Loves song Celebrity Skin, You need to listen to it first

    we had about 8 looks in total but only 4 are shown here.

    Its not bondage tape its pvc duct tape and it was fine on the model, quick to get on and off and no complaints.
    I agree with the second last pic, it does look funny our model Annie is quite short and isn’t actually signed to an agency

  2. I agree the bondage tape in the first photo looks amazing!

    It’s a quote from Hole’s Celebrity Skin, no? In that way I think the look is very Courtney Love, especially the second to last pic, but I’m really only seeing two outfits and one set.I like the hair though, even if it does invoke the mullet.

  3. I have done the bondage-taped legs before and I swear to god, the pain is absolutely unimaginable after 4+ hours. You can’t flex your knees properly to walk, your skin is hot and sweating buckets because it can’t breathe properly through the plastic and it chafes like an absolute motherfucker.

    But it looks badass.

  4. The second-to-last photo looks a little weird, her pose makes her arm (the limp one) look short. But that’s just me lol.

    With a title involving “Demonology”, I would expect a little more to be honest.

  5. Kind of dissapointing. I don’t see how the pictures relate to demonology and it would be a lot more interesting if they did. Though the first pictures does look like she’s possesed by a dead hooker.
    I like the second to last picture, it’s a really interesting pose.