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  1. This looks like something I’d see on Regretsy. There is nothing skilled, flattering, pretty, or cutting edge enough to reflect the price tag. If this was $20 on Etsy, I’d say it’s a hideous albeit mildly creative way to utilize scraps but they just put the crap in scrap.

  2. I thought that maybe if i got to see a model wear the dress i would try to like it. I don’t. Even if it cost less, i would pass it up instantly & feel it were unflattering on me. Does not come off as edgy, tribal, or dark. Way to busy. I feel like i stepped into my grandparents closet and the clothes were fighting and that was the end result.

  3. It might look *ok* without the big black worms running all over it. But, you know, it has big black worms running all over it.

  4. It’s a cool dress, but not 7000 worth of cool.
    Especially since I’m a collage student and I could probably get any of the costume craft people to make a similar thing for me for less than 100.
    The point there being that a doubt it was difficult to make, and I never bought into that whole “paying for the label” thing…it’s bullshit.

  5. the idea is nice but perhaps the fabric chosen could of been a bit better. I do likel mixing prints together but there is a fine line between something amazing or something thats really ughly when you do this.
    The price they want for it though is really extreme.

  6. Looks like a student made it out of scraps from the fashion class bin. Could only look good on a Japanese woman. No way I’d pay over $100 for it.

  7. not a fan. Usually love the designs and especially the target skully and leopard dresses for the meager masses -but this dress reminds me of a psuedo-toga hacked together with goodwill floral,walmart button-down plaid and some tie-dye mixed in. I can’t decide whether it’s a batik project gone wrong, or a reconstructed mess. somehow, I think its both.

  8. The more I look at it, the more I hate it. I heard/read/think that the sisters don’t really know what they’re doing, so that makes their clothes interesting to me somehow. But I’d never pay more than $100 for one of their dresses, as I could just remake it myself with stuff around the house.

  9. They would have to pay *me* that much money just to get me to wear it.

    I just looked at their website, too, and I must say I’ve never seen a designer that produced nothing *but* hideous clothing before…

  10. @typhoid

    Funny, I swear I saw something like this in a studio at CSM some weeks ago…

    But, seriously, sometimes, fashion makes me feel like a pleb all over again.

  11. Hideous. I’m just looking at it, and trying really hard, but I can’t find anything about it that appeals my eye…
    maybe without that right short sleeve?

    I still think it’s horrible.

  12. When I see this dress all that I can think of is the last time my 3 year old niece tried to dress herself…

  13. My opinion: That is really ugly.
    It’s sad when people can sell crap for ridiculous prices just because earlier work they did was successful.

  14. i love it but it could very easily be a €90 dress from H&M or Zara, with that sort of material. When I saw $7000 I was expecting to see something in silk, whale leather, and platinum chain, not cotton layers.

    would be great with brown knee high boots.

  15. Too busy and unflattering. Perhaps if it had one or two less fabric choices, and it lay a little flatter. I dig the concept of patchwork done in an edgy way, but this just doesn’t jive for me.

  16. I’ve been really disappointed with Rodarte lately! They don’t have bad ideas, it’s the execution that makes the quality seem so poor.

  17. The dress is kinda cool…But 7000€ is ridicoulos for a bunch of spare fabric scraps,draped and tacked together with a bit of smockwork.
    This must be a joke!

  18. I loves me some Rodarte, but the prices for a lot of it… Well it’s part of becoming a well known fashion designer (or two in their case). I’m guessing this would come with them doing the fitting?

    At least they are making wrapping and interesting fabrics more popular. I’d rather though spend the money on someone who was still trying to make it in the industry or create something myself.

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