Ebay Seller: YouStar | Haute Macabre

Ebay Seller: YouStar

Hood Cloak Cape, $67.15

For once, an eBay find for the gentlemen –  Youstar .  All right, guys, this one comes with a warning. Not everything in this seller’s store is awesome. In fact, some of it is downright douchetastic. But there are definitely a few neat items in here, most in a decent range of sizes (do note that the sizes are NOT US- so an XXL here is only a US XL). Obviously, you’ll need too imagine them without the acid-wash jeans and unexplainable hipster belt.

High Neck Quilt Jacket, $42.49

Double Shirring T, $20.38

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  2. I would recommend 2 sizes up instead of 1 These run really small. Got mine today, fits, but a little on the snug side. Will take some breaking in.

  3. My bf took one look at the website and immediately added about 6 things to his cart – he has trouble finding clothing he likes for work; black trendy with a touch of high tech. I think I may order him a single item, evaluate the quality/size difference, then purchase more if all seems acceptable.

    Will let you know!

  4. @Tyler: Thanks for the info! I really dig a lot of what is on the website. I will order a few things from them. I am used to foreign sizes in cloths. The last time I was in Hong Kong I had to rethink how I bought stuff.

  5. Yay! So excited for guy’s stuff!! @Stew: their website (jiniy.com) says they do returns. Soo…maybe? It seems a little sketchtastic. But the price is right, and I DO really like that those hoodies. Really really really I do

  6. I really dig the High Neck Quilt Jacket. I just wish it was in a store so I could try it on. That or have a return policy with the seller. =( Oh well……