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Giant Ridiculous Clothing Swap- And They’re Off!

All right, folks. It has begun. Some of you have already gotten your buddy assignments by now- the rest of you don’t panic! I should have everyone sorted by the end of the week. It’s a daunting job- We had over 200 individuals participate, and many of you went for multiple buddies. There may be a few of you who end up buddieless, especially guys, but I’m working on it.

Many thanks to those who offered to ship internationally, BTW!

As promised, there is a public Flickr pool for you here: And yes, I’ll probably post some of the best ones here!

A final tally of the 16 countries participating:

-United States

-United Kingdom(England and Scotland)







-the Netherlands








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  1. Have the name of my swap partner– any way to get in touch with her so I can try to match her tastes/style? I have A TON of stuff! Thanks!

  2. I just got my buddies names. I REALLY hope they enjoy and can wear it all.

    I will DEFINITELY add some arts and crafts to my package.

    I’m loving this!!

  3. So frustrating. I want to join the swap but I only have 2 boxes of old hippy clothes my mom left me.

    If I’m not interested in floral and denim patchwork skirts, I doubt anyone here is either.

  4. Ahh, I wish I could increase my swap to 2 people! I realized I have quite a lot of clothes to give away. Is it too late D:

  5. As I said already, I have men’s wear to ship as well, since my boyfriend just gave me another “donate pile”.
    I can ship to US as well, I am in Canada. 🙂

  6. I looked up my person on Facebook and ended up selecting an entirely new batch of clothes to match her style. I don’t know if anyone noticed my second email that I could accomodate a second person, but right now, I definitely can, even international.

  7. Oh shucks! I meant to add that I would love to ship internationally. Count me in (if it’s not too much of a trouble now) for shipping internationally. 😀