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Giant Ridiculous Clothing Swap Update

Holy Crap, you guys! The response to Haute Macabre’s Giant Ridiculous Clothing Swap is fantastic so far! I’m super excited now, and getting lots of great feedback from you guys.

I’ve been spreadsheeting away, and I wanted to report back. The USA, Canada, the UK, and Australia are all well represented, but I’ve also got people in Germany, Sweden, the Netherlands, Japan, and Russia, and I’m nowhere near done entering names. Plus, it’s only Wednesday! Remember that you have until the 25th to decide to participate- so keep the emails coming!

Once I get everyone’s buddies out to them (early next week), I’ll also set up a Flickr album and post it so you can show us the packages, the cool stuff, you in the cool stuff, you in the packages- whatever!

Thanks so much to everyone who is participating- I know I’m the only one getting to read all the great emails, but it really makes it feel like a community around here. I like that!

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  1. I just entered this today! As I mentioned in my email I haven’t checked here in a while. I’m glad I did since this sounds really fun and a great opportunity to get new digs and give away some of the things I’ve been hanging onto for years because I just couldn’t stand to get rid of them.

  2. @setantaasagirl-You let me know both your size (what you want to get), and what size you have to give away. This is pretty common- lots of people have recently gained or lost weight. YJust remember, you will be sending three things to one person, so it won’t work if you have one small dress, and a large top and some men’s shoes.

    @Nick-so far, we don’t have nearly as many guys as girls. But, the worst thing that can happen is I email you and say i’m sorry, but I don’t have a guy your size in your country to match you with.

    @MIssDisfigured- just let me know if you want more than one buddy.

  3. Quick question: What if you are giving away things which aren’t your size? I’m a bit confused about that one. As in: are you matching people up with people in their own size, or can I give away several items, say one which is too small, and one which is too big to different people? How does it work with shoes? Someone could be a size 8 with size 5 feet, or size three…A few more details on the specifics please!

  4. I’m so stoked! I going through my stuff here and there’s probably gonna be a lot going. Do you plan on setting people with more then one?

  5. Hi!
    I’m interested in participating, but I’m not sure how many other men would be participating. Can you give me an some idea of whether it makes sense or not?