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Great Shoes the Style Which Fit On You

I could not make up a slogan like that.

ShoesOne, available at GMarket. I think.

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  1. hey guys, i wanna order these shoes from gmarket but its so darn hard to navigate! how do we know which seller is trustable cuz i wanna get a few pairs and shipped them over to singapore 🙁

  2. lol. Okay, let’s put it this way. I understand FULL KOREAN and I still have issues navigating the site. Plus the OCD inducing flickering icons give me a headache. The shoes are cheap because labor costs are pretty cheap there. So the quality is usually decent. Sadly, I have huge feet in Korean standards and can’t get the pretty cheap shoes. 🙁 Saddness.

  3. oof even though i can read korean, this site is pretty rough navigation wise. and the general rule for low-cost items from asia is that you pretty much get what you pay for.

  4. i just tried to order the first pair. apparently, international shipping is not available for these… 🙁

  5. Great lookin’ shoes, but how’s the quality? (I’m suspicious of lower-priced international stores ever since a bunch of stuff from Yesstyle showed up looking pretty cruddy.)

  6. do you guys have issues with trying to shop internationally for shoes? the shipping is always high and then if they don’t fit it double sucks.