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Haute Macabre on Etsy

Samantha and I recently had a chance to guest blog over at The Storque, Etsy’s blog, for their guest curator series. Of course we are both huge fans of Etsy, so we jumped at the chance to showcase some of our favorite independent designers. In case you missed it over there, here is full the article.

Guest Curator: Goth Thrives With Haute Macabre

Photo by Pinar Eris

Haute Macabre, an online fashion blog “dedicated to the grown-up Goth,” is the brainchild of Samantha and Nixon Sixx, who met on a Jack Daniels fueled cross-country tour in 2005. Nixon and Samantha have long since admitted that they never got over wearing black, but swear they are no longer partial to bondage pants and now consider PVC a cardinal sin. Here are some of their favorite modern pieces that sit on all ranges of the Goth spectrum.


These days, we subscribe to versatile layers and draped fabrics, pay close attention to the new designer collections, and stock our wardrobes with multipurpose finds like the pieces above. Clockwise from upper left: Grimoire Jacket by blackmarketbaby, Tres Chic Kimono Cardigan by MsWood, Black short overcoat wave-type mantle by yuan123.


Exaggerated collars?  Yes, please, thanks.

Giant hoods and cowled, angular necklines have become favorites at Haute Macabre. Most of our wardrobes are full of basic and, well, cheap things that look just that: basic and cheap. Something easy like a giant hood or cool scarf will distract attention away from a lackluster base garment and become your statement piece. Great examples are the Grey Cowl Neck Pocket Tunic by emilyryan and the Asymmetrical Starfish Scarflette Collar by Felinus.


Once again, something easy like legwarmers is another layering piece that dresses up a simple skirt, hides mismatched socks or the scuffs on your shoes, and is a great option when you’re sick of wearing bulky pants in the middle of winter. Take these, the Thigh-High Lace-Up Leg Warmers in Black by Sannica.


We have both received this Large anatomical heart necklace by janhilmer as a gift separately, and we each love it.


Antiseptic and Eirik Aswang are the haute couture of fetish fashion — the pieces you’ll lust and save for, but will assuredly get you past the bouncer at any club. We love the Charlotte Mini Posture Collar by EirikAswang and the Gula Asymmetrical Over Bust Leather Corset by AntisepticFashion.


Since we no longer live out of fabulously packed suitcases (please refer to the “how we met” statement in the introduction), we now get to battle roommates, begging to decorate our homes with items such as these: Knitting in Biology 101 by CraftyHedgehog, I’m In Love With Something Real – Medical Lightbox by munstre, and Nosferatu Shadow Vinyl Wall Art by Pillboxdesigns.

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  1. OMG the EirikAswang & Antiseptic fashions are too fucking cool.

    I’ve been wanting one(or several) of those wall graphics for a long time but was curious as to whether they are permanant or can they be removed? Living in an apartment means if i move those decals must come with me. I’ve been meaning to email them just never got around to it. Has anyone here bought one before?

  2. what a coincidence! one of my knitwear classmates used to date the guy from Antiseptic who she was business partners with. she used to make all the corsets and was showing me pictures on tuesday -weird.

  3. A short note on the lightboxes for non-US customers: They have a tendency to – how should I put it – explode when used with a converter. Just bloody make one yourself. It’s really not that difficult. 🙂