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Haute Macabre’s Giant Ridiculous Clothing Swap

It is Spring Cleaning time, my little darkling avacados. It is time to venture into the depths of your closets, machete in hand, and cull the dead wood from the tree of fashion. It is time to admit that those pants never actually fit you,  a good sale can get out of hand, and if you haven’t found a reason to wear it yet, you won’t.

So, I thought it would be a good time for Haute Macabre to host a clothing swap. Of course, we’re all on different continents, but with just a bit of figuring I think I’ve sorted it out.

Please have a minimum of three items you are willing to part with. I’ll hook everyone up with someone in their own country, so you don’t have to deal with international shipping.  Other than that, it will work pretty much like a Secret Santa- I’ll tell you who you are shipping to, but you may not be getting stuff from the same person.

To participate, please email me at “info@hautemacabre.com”, with CLOTHING SWAP in the subject line. In the body of the email, I’ll need your name, gender, and shipping address (including country), and your sizes (shoes, too).  If I get a lot of responses, I’ll send out a questionaire at the end of the week to help me match people better, but this is a good start.If you want more than one buddy, let me know that, too. Just make sure everyone gets at least three things in their package.

The deadline is April 25th to let me know you want  to participate, so get to cleaning!


-If you just gained or lost weight, I’ll need to know both what size you wear now and what you want to give away.

-Deadline to send out clothes will be some time in early May, depending on how fast I can get everyone sorted.

-There is no “must be worth x”. A package contains a minimum of three things, and there is no maximum. Send a carton if you like.

-Three unmatched socks do not count. Clothes should be in wearable condition. They should not smell of cat pee.

Make this fun- I encourage adding notes or cookies, decorating boxes, and generally brightening the day of the person on the other end! Who knows- you may end up with a friend as well as a cute new outfit.

* Haute Macabre is not responsible for flakes, so everyone that agrees to do this- please do, or someone will end up with no presents.

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  1. YAY!! I received my package just now in the mail!

    I want to give a super big THANK YOU to Jill, who sent a wonderful package!
    Everything fits – and I have never heard of Absinthe chap-stick before, so I also learned something new!

    Great job to Haute Macabre for organizing the trade and making sure others get the right sizes!

    BRAVO you guys and gals!!

    Hugs from Qortni

  2. i am thrilled to sign up for this! i have so much stuff that i cannot fit into that i have been hoarding (not really but you know) because i know that if i ship it off to a thrift store it will not be truly appreciated and sadly i try to convince myself i’ll be able to fit back into it some day haha.. what a great idea this is!

    very exciting!

  3. I live in Uruguay, and I would love to participate.
    Anyone willing to make it happen?
    I will ship anywhere 🙂

  4. @Nep: I’m from Malaysia. 🙂 I guess I’ll participate, I just hope it doesn’t burden whoever who has to send stuff all the way here.

    @Natasha: Yeap you can send accessories, I’m doing the same. I’d love those belts, and I’m a pretty tiny person. ;P

    Agreed with Lauren. Over here we don’t go by those numbered dress sizes, there’s only stuff like S, M and L and it’s really unreliable to go by those sizings because they can differ greatly depending on manufacturers. Same goes with shoe sizes. I guess we should just measure ourselves all over.

  5. Yes, I’m sending jewelry and tights too (and a few small surprises), Natasha. I’m guessing anything goes, as long as they’re in good condition. I am curious though – what dress size standard do we go by? I fit into clothes between 2 and 8 depending on the manufacturer. Is it easier to send measurements?

  6. I’d like to participate. I’ve got some clothes and some accessories (studded and bullet belts. I just hope they aren’t too small, I’m rather petite). We can send accessories to right?

  7. This sounds like a wonderful idea. I’m filling in the email as we speak! I’m really looking forward to sending on some of the things I have never worn to someone who would properly appreciate it 🙂

  8. @ typhoid – Oh! Well, that’s understandable enough, but usually naming and shaming is done to sellers and to members of groups – where one can make an impact on others’ reputations… In this case, it’s a one-time deal (unless there’s another hosted event!).

    We’ll just have to count on everyone’s honesty and desire to make this a fun event. I think this will be fantastic – and hey! – if it’s a big success, maybe we can do it again next spring! 😉


  9. I don’t mind going transcontinental, and like Tze, have some beautiful jewelry to donate to people who appreciate fleur de lys brooches and other accessories like mint condition 40’s hats with netting (that look really bad with glasses but I can’t wear contacts either…the humanity…). I’m not as concerned about receiving equal value as I am sending out the wrong body size, or something. I’m a size 5 and 5’1′ who would hate to send the lace tights in S/M packaging to someone tall, etc. We need to send height along with our size, too.

  10. @Charlotte @Qortni Oh hells no, I meant the people who sent things which smelt of cat pee or 3 rotten socks or nothing at all, not those without fancy things. By “bad” swappers I meant those taking people for a ride and not even fulfilling their side of the deal honourably, it’s not about mocking those who actually put the effort in and made a contribution! Why would you mock someone who actually contributed? Not what I meant at all, I apologise for the lack of clarification and hope you understand the true sense of what I meant now. However, I do believe that bad sellers, customers and swappers should be made known on the Internet (and the marketplace in general) as a warning to others: this is precisely why we have feedback systems, ratings and regulatory bodies, so other unfortunate people don’t get burned and end up getting ripped off. Sometimes it is very important to “broadcast displeasure”, otherwise the sort of people who send vomit-covered piss rugs would never be punished and would get away with sending vomit-covered piss rugs. I’m not even sure what a vomit-covered piss rug is, but heck, I’d make complaints if I received one, and I’m sure most other people would.

  11. Excellent! I have a bag of clothes in the studio that I’ve been meaning to give to Goodwill. And a couple things I’ve barely worn. So, I believe I’m in! 🙂

  12. Agreed @Qortni, who the hell would want to participate if there’s a chance that they’ll be mercilessly mocked for their contribution?

  13. Name and shame bad swappers? I don’t think that’s cool. Not everyone can afford top notch clothes, so if someone gets something they’re disappointed in, they get to shame someone? That’s awful! The idea is getting rid of your stuff because you don’t even wear or need it anymore. You’re getting something for (nearly) free and keeping it out of a landfill. How can you beat that?

    If you’re talking about shaming someone who didn’t send a package, perhaps that should be taken up privately… No point in promoting drama and broadcasting displeasure.

    Come on! This is supposed to be fun!!

  14. I really hope people get creative with this – decorating and putting together a nice parcel is half the fun. Textile and multi-media craft have always been my forté so I’m definitely looking forward to it – I like to think I could put AllSaints through their paces in terms of themed packaging. Can’t wait, for the price of shipping (yeah, like you’re getting first class post) it’s hardly too bad if you get a Scroogey asshole. Oh, oh, can we have a show and tell post if we send pictures in of our received boxes? That way we can celebrate our awesome hauls, as well as name and shame any bad swappers…

  15. What a neat idea! I’d love to do this, unfortunately I *just* gave most of my stuff to Good Will. Ergh. Awesome idea though. Yay for day-brightening, people-connecting random acts.

  16. This is super!! I already participate in plant and flower swaps for my garden, and have a reputation as a great trader — and I would LOVE LOVE to do this with clothes that just hang in my closet.

    I have some wonderful pieces, so I hope others will also find the heart to part with some of their goodies, too. I hand-make some of my own dresses, so a lucky someone might get a one-of-a-kind piece!

    ~ Qortni.

  17. I am very interested in taking the risk. I will do my cleaning this week and hopefully I will have something ready for when I have to send it!

    Great fucking idea guys!

  18. This sounds like fun **jumps up & down**

    @Reagan: I’m sure most of us know some guys who would love to participate, my boyfriend is going to.

  19. So, what about the gentlemen? I wouldn’t be too pleased if I got a pair of stockings or a dress. 😛

  20. Can I send out accessories? Like bracelets, necklaces and shizz like that. I don’t really have any decent looking clothing that I could part with. 🙁

  21. On saturday 7 or 8 girlfriends and I got together and did this. we all fought over the good stuff, and juried: whoever it looked best on (or got the least other stuff), got it.

    It was AMAZING. most fun I’ve had with other females in a long time. (mostly I see those girls at the local goth club.)

    Anyways, all my good stuff is gone. I won’t bore you all with my trinity-trenchcoat from 9th grade or my hippy shirts 😛

  22. Lorelei- Steff is right- the grab bag is part of the fun! You might get something great, you might not. You might get something expensive that you would never ever wear, or something homemade you will love forever. I’m saying ‘three things’ just so everyone has a baseline, but I wager some folks will send out way more!

    del- just let me know what size you are now and what size(s) you are getting rid of. I’ll sort it out from there.

    Jamie- Probably not this round, but if it goes well we’ll do it again!

  23. What is the deadline to send things out? I won’t be able to send anything until late May, so I’m not sure if I’ll be able to participate.

  24. Oh but Lorelei, I think that’s part of the fun! For just the price of postage, you could be getting something fun that you’d wear just once or twice, or something amazing that you’d hold onto forever. And vice versa for what you send out. And for me it would be hard to decide the value of clothing, as I might have gotten it as a gift, or on sale, or too long ago to remember the price.

  25. I might be interested, but shouldn’t there be some kind of value requirement? For instance it wouldn’t be fair if someone sent $50 worth of clothes and another $10 or something.

  26. I’m in! I’m in Melbourne, Australia.
    Curious to how this will work. The stuff I have to give away is various sizes due to fluctuating body size and my curious need to rescue beautiful items from secondhand shops regardless of whether they fit me or not!