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Shoeturday : X Ray

Dear Shoe Fairy that I Keep Waiting For :

I wear a size six, and can be reached at the address listed on our contact page.  Please send one pair of Jeffrey Campbell’s X Ray to me, and I promise I’ll be good for a very, very long time.

Thank in advance,


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  1. @ Jenni: I’ve heard concerns about some of the quality of the JC shoes. in particular the Ninenty Nine style ( I was especially shocked to hear that, 1. some of the leather on the styles is vegan 2. that’s not explicitly stated on most sites and 3. there were quality concerns on this and other styles.

    I have to say the quality and the comfort of my beloved Potions is wonderful so far…the leather is definitely thick enough. The Clinics were also good quality in person. I feel like these new $100 styles JC is making are the ones that aren’t making the grade (boo!)

  2. I tried these on @ LF in SoHo, NYC… the leather is like garment leather, it really isn’t durable enough for shoes. They were already torn a bit and like Sally said, they do run small. They’re gorgeous but unless you put them on and take them off like a frail vintage lace dress you’re going to tear the leather and get really upset. :*(

  3. I just got the last pair of size 7 X-ons (the mary jane version) at Karmaloop, and they’re definitely a little big….but they’re way to awesome for me to send back. Hopefully some heel and toe pads and an extra hole in the strap will solve the problem.

  4. FYI for the ladies who like the Clinics…they’re tricky, and I do think they run a bit large. I’m an 8.5-9 and the 9’s were too big on me but the 8’s were too small. Super sad because they’re very cute in person.

    I pacified myself with the purchase of JC Potions. They are every bit as glorious in person as I dreamed.

  5. Ooh, I LOVE these! After lusting over the black Clinics for awhile I finally got them on solestruck. They were sold out everywhere for seemingly forever. FYI to Lolla they run big if she gets them.

  6. thank you for this post! As I lost a bunch of discontinued clothing and platform shoes (steve madden, demonia, pleaser & ellie brands) to a fire, I managed to walk out with steve madden oxford platforms on my feet. I did have renter’s insur (which I strongly encourage all to get.. it’s cheap). I have no choice but to get these! Now, I’m on my way to rebuild my wardrobe…

  7. I was just checking these out yesterday, still cant decide if these are THE shoe I NEED or Clinics preferably in both white and black of course…since summer is coming.