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Trend Alert: Kneepads

Hansel and Basel Knee Pad Socks, from Fawn Boutique

OK, I’m intrigued. I would never have guessed this one. But kneepads are cropping up all over. Remember the steampunk leather-and-satin ones in Victorian Sci-Fi Surgery? I’m still on the fence about it- they seem so obscene! But then, I like obscene. And there is something really humorous to me about such an overtly sexual thing that requires no skin to show at all. But maybe that’s just me, my mind is in the gutter, and kneepads are totally vanilla. Opinions?

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  1. If you like them, rock them!

    I do not, mainly b/c that pad stops a nice, long leg line — and I need all the leg-lengthening illusions I can get.

  2. It reminds me too much of 1st grade, when I played soccer and would just sit down in the middle of the field and pluck grass.

    But if I put that out of my mind, they are kinda cute!

  3. Wow, I definitely wouldn’t have thought of the sexual implication of kneepads… but now that you said that, I want a pair of kneepad socks 😀

  4. I went to the Hansel from Basel web site and I suddenly feel the intense urge….. no, the NEED, to replace very pair of sock I own with a pair from that site <3

  5. Just like Jill I play derby, and the only thing that kneepads remind me of is ungodly stink, big purple bruises and rink rash. I could never find them that sexy (although the textured scabs that fishnet burns leave are pretty cool).

  6. As a roller derby player, I was hoping they’d have real padding, because kneepad knee socks (that look cute and odd) underneath our actual hard shell kneepads would be awesome.