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Victorian Sci-Fi Surgery

Gabriella Marina Gonzalez / Victorian Sci – Fi Surgery

From the collection’s press release :

Her current work was inspired by exploring feelings of emotional restrain and uncertainty about her position in time.  She uses escapism to create a subconscious reality where time has no bouncdaries and she can bounce from past tofuture to collect data in an attempt to discover her purpose in the present.  This is where she developed her designs for the current collection.

The collection mixes periods and materials to create a historical camouflage making it difficult to associate with a particular period in documented time.  This allows her to jump from era to era collection dataunnoticed in hopes of one day understanding the world, human nature and herself.

The collection was entirely handmade with her own hands in a long and meditative state adding a personal and emotional connection to each individual piece.  She believes this transfers a bit of her aura to the pice in hope that the glow will shine acting like a light house of hope to lost and weary roamers so that they will know they are not alone.  

The collection consists mostly of brown and cream leathers, bronze fixtures and old stamps which gives the appearance of being made from reminisce of an abandoned Victorian house.  The T-shirt imagery is representative of a nameless ghost who explores the timeless subconscious world as people run with fear of the unknown.  The platform shoes are a tool for the explorer.  Their towering heights create a pedestal from which she can look over crowded, infinite seas of people trying to stay afloat while searching for answers on this busy planet.

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  1. Beautiful sidings as with evhyrteing on this site!!! And I have to agree with Penny, I’m glad u’re still here! I had downloaded a lot of ur creations quite a ways back but the game never played well and now I finally have a decent runnning pc that can handle all the CC and play well and not choppy game play (which discouraged me from playing and also left me uninstalling stuff, etc.) And now The Sims 3 is out and a lot of sites I got GREAT stuff before r gone!!! So i’m glad u r still here!!! Thank u for the wonderful creations!! I hope u’re here for many years to come!

  2. I love the shoes, but I think the description is what turned me off of it…I’m a pretentious teenager and even that was too much pretentious for me.

    But the SHOOZ. THA SHOOZ!

  3. I agree with Stew on this. Some hits, some misses. The pompous windbaggery of a collection description bothers me more than the misses, though.

  4. Neat work, but I fail to see the Victorian aspect of this. It’s like the retrofuturist-sans-Victorian style that seems to pregnate the steampunk communities at present.

  5. “…can bounce from past tofuture to collect data…”
    Here comes the “tofuture”! Everything will be made of tofu, natch.

  6. I adore, admire, and crave to own this collection. The inspiration is quite interesting, something we can all relate to, though the degrees and dimensions are unique to each individual. It’s very interesting to see your angle on a couture level.

  7. Some of it is cool and innovative. Some is just lame and telephoned in. I hope their next set of designs has more consistency.

  8. Some pieces(like #5 from the bottom,the glasses)are fuckin awesome but most of it reminds me of steampunk & omg i hate the steampunk.