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Zac Posen for Target

Sweater Dress ,  $49.99 , Snap Tape Dress, $69.99

Ruched Skirt – Black, $34.99

One thing I can say about Target- they sure know how to take terrible photos of their designer clothes! Having glanced at this collection online, I didn’t even give it another thought. Then today I wandered into Target and had a chance to actually LOOK at the stuff- that rouched shirt is one of the sexiest things I’ve seen in ages! You can’t tell at all in the picture, but it’s made of something very close to powermesh. It’s almost see-through, very tight, and looks like something Catherine Coatney would try to pass off as officewear. There are some cute dresses, too. Definitely worth a stop by your local Target to poke at!

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  1. @rachel I think it and you say it. Why’d they have to go take an awesome strip design and then go stick a ruffle on it? It’s very reminiscent of an old AllSaints piece (specifically, the Sachi dress) and that can only be a good thing for me.

  2. I have to withhold any enthusiasm until I can actually try on the dresses – Target has a bad track record with dresses. A lot of them look great on the hanger but on a person they just sit *all* wrong. The skirt though…if I wait for it to go on sale I can probably justify adding another knee-length pencil skirt to my wardrobe…

  3. I like the black & blue snap tape dress, but it’s not very practical for the bustier among us…I keep going back and forth on the ruched pencil skirt, I’m not sure how that’d look on a curvier person.

  4. Target very rarely disappoints in person, but I have NEVER ordered a single thing from their website because of that very same photography issue.

  5. Completely agree about the complete inability to take flattering pictures. The preview images for Posen had me quite intrigued … but browsing category after category of ill-fitted models and poor lighting online yesterday turned me off the collection almost completely. Perhaps I’ll have to take your advice though and check it out in stores.

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