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This Side of Paradise

I always feel as if I missed my calling by missing the 1920’s.

These pictures, shot by Fabio Bartelt for Elle Brazil,make me wistful for the days of speakeasys and opium dens,

smokey jazz clubs and illicit affairs, gartered hose and intrepid explorers. Of course, they also make lovely use of the very

current fascination with lace, fringe, cute hose, and all things fuzzy.

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  1. Hi. I have been secretly viewing for a while now on this site and finally have the courage up to say thanks to you. You’ve inspired me to start out my own blog. which I ‘m not sure if that will eventually work or not. Anyways..thanks for your sharing into this crazy blogging world!

  2. Also: I am so tempted to cut my hair like that, even though I love my long hair. Sigh. Guess I need a wig.

  3. This is delicious! No need to go back to the 20s, though; dress like that now and enjoy modern conveniences like oral contraceptives and antibiotics 🙂

  4. In case you want to rock this look – go on eBay or Etsy and search for “deco shoe buckles.” They wear the rhinestone bits in their hair, on the straps of sleeveless dresses, and of course… on their shoes. MMmmmm deco sparkles.

    Amazing editorial!

  5. I wouldve loved to live in the 30’s era, the fact that the ladies(& gentlemen were always dressed up no matter where they were going,i love that.

    I also love that last photo, so perfect.

  6. so breathtakingly stunning! i love it! especially the last shoot; the light and fluffy dresses contrasting with the heavy jewelry; and of course ive always been a fan of pale skin and edgy makeup/hair. Whats the ID on the dress in pic#3? maybe gaultier?

  7. This is a beautiful editorial. I often wonder that myself: would it have been more fun to be at the forefront of female liberation and libation, or is it better now to have immense freedom to do whatever the f@#k we want? Like say f@#k for example and no one turns their head.