Dawid Tomaszewski A/W 2011 | Haute Macabre

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  1. @Rachel- I couldnt agree more! It drives me nuts when there’s a photo with a model & it’s showing like a sleeve to a dress(top?) that might be really awesome but i cannot see the rest of the outfit even though it has a credit for it as well as to 4 other pieces that arent even in the picture. grrr, so annoying.

  2. I DO love these photos, they are gorgeous, but I also can’t stand when I can’t see the clothing…

    There are worse offenders (when a shot will feature a headshot with a tiny triangle of fabric caught in the frame and they credit from top down to shoes for the shot) but it’s a bit of pet peeve.

    That said the first and last one are sooooo pretty. Would love the top as a horizontal shot showing the rest of the dress across the frame.