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Good Hair Day


It’s been a while since the last Hair Today feature, so last night I just spent a while cruising Deviant Art, looking at hair.  Here’s the best of what I found, linked to the profile I found it on (so, it may be the photographer, model, makeup artist, or someone else entirely).  I could have posted three times this many pictures, but I figured maybe I should save some for later.




Soki Angel

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  1. The blue and black hair shots are killer! It makes me want to get a hairstylist & make-up artist and shoot some more stylized hair shots again.

  2. Gorgeous! Koukei is our leading alternative photographer here in Melbourne and that is his favorite model. The photo is what he uses as his profile on social networks…no wonder he complains about being hit on all the time! Ha!

  3. I’m not sure if that first purple one is real or a dash of Photoshooping. The evenly purple-toned parting might be a giveaway, but then your skin does get dyed along with the rest. Hmmm.

    Also, the blue one is just purely awesome. (Bias.) Definitely want to see more, don’t hold back! Need more Hair Today posts.