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Hello, Mrs.Robinson.

Madonna poses for Interview at age 50. Now, I know there’s some Photoshop going on here. Noone gets to fifty without getting a few wrinkles, especially noone who has been on tour for thirty years. (Wow, what a HORRIBLE thought). Still,  the woman is in fantastic shape. I’m posting these just to make myself remember Pilates tonight!

Shot by Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott.

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  3. I dont care what anyone thinks. I warship her! I would be her boy-toy on demand at any age.

    She is an incredible woman and a very stately lady. She is also a stunningly successful business women and entrepreneur. What is not to love in a modern girl?

  4. http://cache.gawker.com/assets/images/gawker/2008/08/PreviewScreenSnapz002-6.jpg

    This was a cover of NY Magazine that breaks down all her cosmetic surgery. Between the makeup, the photoshop and the plastic, who knows what this woman would actually look like now w/out it all?

    If you want to see a 59 year old lady who’s aged with true grace, I’d recommend her yoga teacher, Sharon Gannon of Jivamukti. She looks fantastic for her age. She’s an inspiration and something to aim for in life. (Yoga empire, kick ass business woman, deep spiritual life, positive impact on the world, vegan and animal rights activist…) Yes, she looks a little older than these images of Madonna but she glows with actual beauty and grace…


    Augment something substantial vs the shape of your nose.


  5. I’m just going to talk about the styling here and say that for a girl who can trace her fascination with billowy black gothness to being obsessed with the Frozen video at the tender age of 6 (which I have also just realised was the start of my admiration for a certain Mr. Cunningham) these pictures are pretty smokin’.

  6. This may not be photoshopped. A good photographer and the right lighting really can make you look as if you have zero wrinkles. This shoot is in black and white with high contrast lighting and it looks like the use of a lot of highlighting makeup. I think she looks fabulous in this shoot. If anyone goes and looks at photos or films of the golden age of Hollywood you’ll get this look too. You have to remember Madonna has also been photographed for over 30 years; she knows her best angles.

  7. “This shoot would be amazing if a younger model (at least half Madonna’s age).”

    I don’t really understand this- are you saying she doesn’t look good here just because you know her age? Because she sure doesn’t look 55 in this series. Yeah, of course it’s retouched, but so are photos of 15 year old models. I’m just not seeing what a younger model brings to these images- there are no wrinkles, no age spots, no saggy skin or ropey knees in any of the photos, so what would change? I’m not fond of her crotch shots for Louis Vuitton (really, not a fan in general), but I wouldn’t have been fond of them if a 19 year old had modeled either.

    It seems like many people still think for a woman to age with grace, she should dress demurely and stay out of the public eye. I think every woman should get to make the determination of what feels good to *her*, and not have to worry about Victorian notions of what is proper or seemly. If this is what Madonna wants to wear in a photoshoot at 55, good on her. I don’t have to like the pictures, but I’m not going to tell anyone they are too old to dress themselves. The more people that decide to dress they way they really want to and do it with some semblance of personal style, the more interesting the world is.

  8. This is über Photoshopped. Just so all you know, Madonna is NOT 50. She is at least 55- my father went to high school with her in Troy, Michigan (they graduated in the same class). And she has gone through so much plastic surgery (she’s in his yearbook, and yes her real name is Madonna).
    This shoot would be amazing if a younger model (at least half Madonna’s age).

  9. If by “in great shape” you mean “terribly ropy without an ounce of life-sustaining fat”, sure. I really admire her commitment to her exercise, but it’s way over-the-top for me. I don’t think she looks good at *all* in bare arms, for instance.

    And “a little photoshop” is a laugh.

    But those things said – I love this shoot. With another model.

  10. A friend of mine knows Madonna’s makeup artist. She says that they use morticians wax to fill in Madonna’s wrinkles before she goes out where she’ll be photographed so her skin looks totally smooth.

  11. I’m just glad they didnt show her crazy-ass arms,even if they did i’m sure her arms would be photoshopped to perfection.

    I am seriously in love with those heels omg.

  12. I like this photo shoot a lot more than the one she did for Louis Vuitton which was definitely OVER photoshopped compared to this one, I love her hair and those heels! very pretty 🙂

  13. Very interesting styling and photos, but Madonna for me has always been under the “Janice Dickinson Policy”. That is, “ARRG, IS YOUR OWN AGE SO HORRIBLE?! THE WORLD BEELONG TO THE LIIIVING!” policy. All the women in my life have just learned to age with grace, so I guess I have very little tolerance xD *end rant*

  14. I just love the photoshoot.

    Black and white. The makeup and hair blow my mind and – OH GOD – styling is just…. I’m speechless. For me, the shoes stole her thunder. 🙂
    I love the whole thing. Madonna or not.

  15. SOME photoshop?

    i’ve had to retouch recent shots of her; she looks like the fucking cryptkeeper in raw shots, it’s fairly alarming

  16. I just wish Madonna was okay at showing her true age.
    Does she really have to look like she’s 25 when she’s closer to 50?

  17. @Lilly you are right. My bad oversight. Now I want to see the inside of the shoe and see how it really fits.

  18. Those are some fine shoes in the first picture. I also thought they were just too big for a second, @Stew; but if you look closer, it’s something like a big dew-claw curling up off the heel. It looks badass.

  19. With all that Photoshop™ could they at least TRY and make it look like the heel fits her foot? What stylist comes to a shoot with the shoe that looks 3 times too big for her foot? Maybe the stylist is a drag queen. >_<