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Hold Me

I am utterly mindboggled every time it comes to buying a new handbag. For one thing, the sheer number of choices is staggering. For another, I have never actually understood why a two foot section of black leather and some buckles should cost anywhere from about as much as my lunch to about as much as my house. I just don’t understand. I clearly lack the bag gene. I know it exists. I am fully aware there are women out there who feel about bags the way I feel about shoes, but personally I have never once been even  tempted to keep my purse on during sex  (and even if I was, I am positive it wouldn’t have the same effect). Still, eventually the day comes when I look down at whatever bedraggled bit of baggery I am carrying about and think to myself “There’s a hole in that.” And so begins yet another search for something to hold all of my stuff. Preferably something with the ability to fold space/time around my belongings and allow me to carry a jacket, an extra pair of shoes, and a basic zombie go-bag without being larger than, say, a Labrador retriever.

Luna Chain Handbag, $42 (non-leather) † Slot-Through Satchel, $109.91 † Ibiza Hobo, $68 (non-leather)

Leather Stud Base Holdall, $170 †  Chain Strap Handbag, $27.99 †  Front Pocket Lady Satchel, $48 (non-leather)

Washed Panel Slouch Bag, $59.18 †  MAM, $21.98 †  Zippy Sling Bag, $89

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  1. Thanks for labeling the nonleather options. It’s very considerate and not too common on a lot of the blogs I read.

  2. Might I suggest one of the bags from http://www.englishretreads.com rather than leather?

    They seem nearly indestructible, plus virtually waterproof, and the unlined styles actually stretch a bit so you can overstuff them without rips. Go recycled tires.

    My first purchase from them (a discontinued messanger/backpack style) is at least 10 years old. I also have the larger bently (which holds my 17″ macbook pro plus stuff no problems, a coupe, and 3 or 4 of the accessory/cell pouches, and a couple of belts.

    The prices are incredibly reasonable as well IMHO, especially since they don’t seem to wear out.

  3. Being as I only ever buy actual bags (wristdanglers can fuck right off) and aim for pure practicality I tend to stick to the men’s accessory sections – it usually turns up some nice clean lines and a winning lack of glitter.

  4. chinese knicknack shops are the answer. I found the bag that I’ve been dreaming of for two years the other day for €10. It’s red PVC snakeskin, by the way, and large enough to hold a filofax, notebooks, phone, wallet, sweater, and various makeup, but small enough to go under my arm in crowded/dodgy situations.

    I’m not much of a bag person either…I’m aware that some bags are divine but I rarely find them. Most appear to me either too trashy, too middle-aged, or too boring. I’d rather buy shoes.

  5. I had the perfect bag once. It was 99 cents from Salvation Army. It held everything I needed.

    And now it is gone. 🙁

    And anything close to it in awesome and perfection is upwards of a hundred dollars.

  6. I just know if I bought a bag with a chain strap that bitch would be snapped off the first day.

    I wanna invest in one of those English Retreads that Hannah mentioned, I am really hard on my bags & I think those can take whatever I dish out.

  7. I’ve been tempted to invest in a bag by English Retreads (http://www.englishretreads.com) for a long time now. They’re made from recycled inner truck tire inner tubes, they’re vegan and they’re pretty brutal-looking. My personal favorites are the Bentley and Beatle: I’m just waiting for them to make a nice mid-range size. Anyway, yea, check that out.

  8. I end up buying a new “possible” purse about once or twice a year when I hit the outlet malls and sticking them in the back of my closet until my current one gets too beat up. Then I pick my favorite from all the possiblities and sell the rest on eBay.

  9. It’s even worse when you’re (very) short and most bags with long shoulder straps end up below your knees.

  10. I’m having the same problem/dilemma. My current bag is falling apart, I bought it years ago for £15, and now I can’t find a suitable replacement. I’m even ready to spend a reasonable amount! The hunt continues…