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Hun Head

Hun Head † Shot by Sebastian Faena

POP Magazine Fall / Winter 2008


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  2. Really, some the of people complaining of the people complaining and then calling them ‘too conservative’, since when is that an insult? You can dislike something with nudity and not be over zealously ‘conservative’. Some of the nude shots are pretty, and the nuns kissing just makes me roll my eyes because isn’t that original; but I have to agree that the sexy nun cliche, as much as the photos were well lighted and captured, is really too much. Nudity is beautiful but we don’t need a porno for the sake of ‘art’. “The photos are beautiful but the content is meh.

    And to Lauren, just because something’s art, doesn’t mean it’s good.

  3. I’m of mixed opinion about this shoot.
    On the one hand, I totally get the whole “slutty nuns” complaint, but at the same time, I think a majority of these avoided that pitfall. Just look at the third to last shot – he’s downright reverential, and that’s spellbinding. Lighting and expressions like that do not a porno make.
    There are a few shots that I think don’t meet the same standard of quality as the rest, but as a whole I think this was most certainly worth a post and undeserving of the flak it’s getting (which really just satisfies the artist’s intent, IMO).

    Even a Catholic like myself can appreciate the significance of the imagery and its execution.

  4. Simply by saying that the sexy nun thing is being overplayed is making you do exactly what the photographer wants you to do: react. Its overplayed, can be offensive to some overly conservative people and is shocking to these same people, but really it’s art, and by reacting, you are doing what you are supposed to do when you see a work of art. You may hate it, but I bet it’ll stick in your head more than alot of things you’ve seen this week.

    That said, I thought it was pretty interesting. I really liked how some of the shots looked like Botticelli paintings. And the nun with the toppled cross: stunning.

  5. I’m not sure if this is true or not, but it as at least widely discussed in the 18th century or so? Anywho, a young and unwillingly cloistered girl caught the attention of a construction laborer, one of the only men who was permitted on to the land of the nunnery, and they somehow arranged to meet in order to uhm, break her vow of chastity, I suppose. He would throw rocks at her window and they would meet outside to get it on. Eventually, the older nuns grew suspicious of that one window always being hit with rocks, so they decided to investigate. When they discovered the activities their younger sister and that man were partaking in, they arranged for his kidnapping, stripped him naked, wrestled him to the ground and forced our poor sexually impure girl to cut off his member. And then they stuffed it in his mouth.

    So. Yeah. Sexing nuns goes way back.

  6. I love me some good, old fashioned sacrilege.
    The shots are beautiful, nudity and blasphemy aside.
    Frankly, those two aspects are just gravy.
    Whether you are nuffing because the sexy-nun concept has been done to death or because you’re morally offended or because boobies make you uncomfortable, honestly, you’re way too sensitive. Enjoy it for it’s artistic value. Conceptually, yeah, it’s been done before, so why not look at what’s new and innovative instead?

  7. These are some of the best I’ve seen of the so-called played out genre (didn’t know there was enough to classify it as a genre), and very well photographed also. I’m glad someone’s done a sexy shoot in a way that’s not as trashy (to me) as some I’ve seen.
    I don’t think it’s played out but I’m glad others do. Hopefully it’ll stay as rare as it is if the general consensus is some kind of dislike or offense.
    Nun sexuality has existed IRL in the past

  8. ^ Agree agree.

    I absolutely love this photoshoot [The only thing I dislike is that guy sexin’ up those poor girls and the two kissing nuns] The rest is just wonderful. The expressions, the light. Some of the girls look so pure and delicate, like they’re some kind of ‘shy’ to show their skin.
    In my opinion, this photoshoot is different than the others I’ve seen in the catagory ‘cliché sexy nun photography’ [also maybe because the models have excellent facial expressions]

  9. The artistic value of these photos is undeniable. Excellent composition, lighting, contrast, etc. and I’m not turned off morally or artistically by the nudity. My imagination went somewhere else entirely. I was reminded of Dario Argento’s Three Mothers films, ‘Suspiria’, ‘Inferno’, and ‘Mother of Tears’. To me these images depicted some sort of arcane espionage and corruption from within. Many of the images have a dark ceremonial feel to them for me. But the beauty of art is that we all get to do that; take it all in and interpret it according to our own filters and perceptions. At no point did I stop and think, “Yawn, naughty nuns.” I agree that that whole taboo is tired and played out, but I feel like these photos were shooting for something further.

  10. Nearly twenty years ago my brother and I had a Hustler magazine we kept stashed in my closet. The big spread? Nun and young man eventually getting it on. That’s how not new this is. The only difference between the magazine and this (other than production value/quality) was a visible penis, because even the magazine didn’t show actual penetration.

    Banality aside, some of the shots before and after jump do have a beauty that is undeniable. As has been said, the shot with the blue habit is particularly wonderful. I think it is more original to show nuns as women at ease with their nudity (as a metaphor for innocence/naivete) than as creatures that ‘see God’ in a moment of carnal’ rapture.

    And, I must echo Rocklove, because I love the media HM compiles for us. Thank you for keeping us informed and current. Thank you for all the energy you put into HM. Even if I don’t like this one, it doesn’t mean it isn’t truly off-topic. Religious imagery is always going to be part of the Gothic oeuvre.

  11. Like it or not after the NSFW, I do think it’s valuable overall as a post…

    I do agree that it turns a bit too fetish (and overdone at that), but as someone who doesn’t read POP Magazine, I’m glad that Haute Macabre took the time to add the entire shoot. It’s interesting to see what the trends are, and what collaborateurs are up to. But with a readership more well versed in the worlds of alt and fetish than the average person, yes, we are definitely a bit “ho hum” by the dirty nun banality and the cheap lesbo card.

    But thank you HM for keeping us in the loop.

  12. I agree with Drea. :/

    That’s exactly why people think this concept is over-played. It’s such an obvious connection (especially considering the act of becoming a nun already implies a sacrifice of sexuality).

    But, yeah, the world nun fetishism is someplace I’ve never wanted to go to…

  13. Um.. actually I thought the nudity pics portrayed something different. To me, it was like, they have feelings too, kinda thing? It was a clash of wanting to be pure for God and the more instinct but forbidden want to experience sex/love etc.

  14. I AGREE. WHY AREN’T SLUTTY NUN PHOTOS PASSE YET?!?!?! Some of these are pretty good pornography, I guess. Nice light and shadow as well.

  15. I’m part of the group that thinks that the photos were beautiful before the NSFW jump. To me, the whole “sexy nun” thing is so overplayed that it doesn’t even offend anymore. It’s a laughable cliche by this point in time, like a hand bursting out of a grave at the end of a horror movie.

    Plus, sexy nuns reminds me of Cradle of Filth, which I don’t particularly enjoy the existence of.

  16. This is amazing and awesome and so sexy.

    I think that with fashion, everything is going to be discussed, fetishized, and therefore distorted. That’s what makes fashion fun- it comes from our imagination. It can be offensive, but why take offense at art? Art is intrinsically a subjective form of expression- not a law or imposition on other people.

  17. Yep you had me before the NSFW. I didn’t know you did pron. Really, nudity doesn’t offend, but the sexual … content, hell they aren’t even overtones, are offensive.

  18. I liked it a lot until the nudity came in; then it felt like it seemed to much like the artist was going for cheap shock value with the whole sexy nuns thing. This is particularity obvious in the shot of a nun and a man kissing on top of a toppled cross and the lesbian kiss picture (“gay nuns *gasp*”) XD.
    Thought the one of the girl in the grave yard with the long blue veil was beautiful, I don’t see the necessity of her being nude (what important aspect does it bring to the shot?)
    At the last horror convention I went to I saw a large number of sexy nun costumes so the whole juxtaposition of sex and religion thing is nothing new.

    Up until the NSFW warning they were magnificent.
    I think my favorite is the one of the girl in the red dress inspired by a Cardinals robe, but the one right before the warning is a close second (she looks like shes in a trance-like state of religious ecstasy.)
    I don’t consider myself a Catholic, but I always thought the elaborate, decadent trappings of the church as well as the very stylized worshiping practices of the early church were something that artists should explore. They are beautiful; even when viewed from a purely artistic perspective. I just wish the artist had done it in a more mature, less cliched way.

  19. What an interesting shoot… I really like these. Such a wide range of emotions portrayed in them!