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Les Laureats

Shot by Alasdair McLella for Vogue Paris, this editorial gives some space to a number of designers I don’t know much about. I skipped a number of the photos (see them all HERE), but these seemed worthwhile for one reason or another.

Above: Alexandre Vauthier‘s jacket puts me in mind of some sort of black orchid.

Above: Hakaan’s cutaway dress- the use of a matronly fabric here cracks me up. I’m not too sure what event this dress would actually be appropriate for, but as sexy librarian dresses go, it’s a win.

I love this top – the ruffles, the visible darts- but it once again brings home something I keep running into in fashion spreads the last few months. Sheer is way beyond in. So, what’s a girl to do? Especially those of us living in the US, where this shirt would get you a citation along with everything else.  I suppose here in San Francisco it’s technically legal, but I would catch my death of cold! I haven’t quite figured out what to do with the sheer trend yet. Ideas?

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  1. As the owner Puritan (a lingerie boutique in Brisbane) I sell some of the most amazing lingerie! My customers and I are always on the look out for sheer clothes to show off fabulous lingerie that it is a crime to cover.

  2. Sheer is not for me, but if it were, I would probably wear a camisole close to my skin tone underneath.

  3. I like to wear a black bullet bra under sheer tops. But its more of a look I reserve for very dark bars on nights cool enough to bring a coat or cardigan.

  4. Protip: bandeau tops are classier than bras under anything sheer. Alternatively, duct tape crosses are for people who can’t afford pasties and are too rebellious for them anyway.