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Mandy Coon A/W 2010

Mandy Coon Autumn/Winter 2010, found via Beach Black.

I’m pretty much in love with this whole collection, including the bunny purse. The slouchy socks/ shoes are fantastic, also really like this model- she’s kind of weird looking, yet stunning, which fits in well with the clothes.

Mandy Cood satin rabbit handbag bunny purse leather

Mandy Cood satin rabbit handbag bunny purse

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  1. the model is jamie bochert. she is most assuredly NOT a man. why is that people cannot handle any perceived deviations in masculinity and femininity?

  2. Who does the model remind me of? It’s driving me nuts! Maybe I’ve seen the model before and I’m just misremembering?

  3. I was totally gonna say the same thing this model is/ was a guy.
    But it totally works for her i think the oddness is gorgeous !

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